Crowd Watched Long Island Beating

Josie Smith-Malave Speaks Out On Anti-Gay Attack

Allegedly unoriginal The Advocate may be losing ads, but they’ve grabbed an exclusive interview with Top Chef‘s recently bashed Josie Smith-Malave. Recalling her experience at Sea Cliff bar Partners, Smith-Malave wonders if it all started with a simple dance:

[Smith-Malave] and another woman, Emily Durwood, 30, had been dancing together inside the bar and had eventually been asked to leave.

“We were close, I’m sure we didn’t look straight,” Smith-Malave told The Advocate. “My hand was on her hip, my arm around her shoulder–we definitely looked like lesbians.”

Girl, you look a lesbian no matter what – but that’s a good thing!

After leaving the bar, the girls were surrounded by about a dozen people who shouted the usual tired anti-lesbian epithets: “bush muncher” and “fucking dyke”.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. They were jumping out of their skin screaming at us. It was as if we had done something to their families… I was punched and kicked all over my body. Everyone that was in the bar, bartenders, they all spilled out the door of the bar, and when I was able to look around, all of those people just watched this happen.

The crowd didn’t disperse until neighbors called the police

In light of the vicious attack, one would hope the flatfoots would explore all avenues.Smith-Malave’s attorney, however, suggests otherwise. Yetta Kurland says authorities haven’t been in contact for three days, but hopes to hear from them soon.

We have been in touch with local authorities, and while they acknowledged that the ball was dropped initially, we are hopefully awaiting arrests.

This is an exclusive, upper-middle-class, mostly white neighborhood in Nassau County, and these individuals, if they committed gang assault, should be brought to justice. Bias-related violence is bias-related violence no matter who does it.

We’ll see if Kurland’s words resonate.