Foxy Joslyn Joins the 'Hurricane Bianca' Cast: Interview

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Author: Deborah Nelson

Revenge may be a bitch but newly added ‘Hurricane Bianca’ cast member Joslyn Fox is just as nice as she was on Drag Race.

I caught up with Joslyn to discuss her role in Bianca Del Rio’s pet project ‘Hurricane Bianca.’ We also chatted about living gluten free, her surprise marriage on the RuPauls Drag Race finale and the love and the drama on the set of Season 6.

Deborah: Let’s talk about your big announcement – you’re going to be part of ‘Hurricane Bianca.’ That was a surprise – where did that come from?

Hurricane Bianca Movie Poster

Joslyn: When I was in Vegas for the reunion party I was on the red carpet and Matt Kugelman, who is directing ‘Hurricane Bianca,’ was there doing video interviews.  He said, “Can you give us a little sound byte about ‘Hurricane Bianca’? So I just said, ‘I’m really bummed I didn’t get my cameo, but I’m still gonna watch.’ So then, when they cut, he said, ‘You’re gonna get your cameo!’ Later that night, “Kugie” as we call him, told me that when he saw the ‘Drag Race Me to Hell’ challenge – the horror movie one when I ‘gasped’ – that he started thinking he could see me in ‘Hurricane Bianca.’ Later I signed a contract and he sent me the script. It was really exciting but I don’ t think it was until the announcement that I realized the magnitude of it.

D: Why do you think Bianca picked you out of all of the queens from Season 6 to be in her movie?

J: I know Bianca really gets a kick out of me. I think she’s very unbothered by me. I know I don’t threaten her. Even when we were filming. I had this journal and she would write me little notes and she wrote down that movie list of movies for me to watch. She definitely has always made me feel like she likes to take me under her wing and she sees promise in me. I feel she feels the same way about me that Ru feels about me. Like sees something there. And that makes me feel so good about myself.

D: Bianca is still raising money for the film. So is there a production date set yet?

J: What I’ve heard is that it probably won’t be for another year.  The script’s written though.

D: Is she going to film it in New Orleans? Or New York?

J: It takes place in Texas but I’m not sure. I’m curious about that because it will be where I am. I’m going to be in the Texas scenes, so I would love to go down south and film. I love the south. I think I was southern in a past life. I love everything southern.

JoslynFox RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 boy clothes having drink

D: So what do you love about southern? It can’t be the biscuits and gravy because they’re not on your gluten free diet!

J: No but I love going to a waffle house and just getting all the sides, like collard greens and sweet potatoes.

D: Tell me more about your gluten issues.

J: I was always really sick when I was a kid. No doctor knew what was going on. A couple years after I graduated high school I finally got blood work done to see if it was celiac disease and it was. Eventually I gave up gluten and that was when I started to feel better.

D: Was it difficult at first?

J: It was weird at first. There was a time when I was like ‘I get it. I can’t eat gluten. But I would rather enjoy eating food and deal with the consequences.’ But then I realized it wasn’t super healthy.

D: And now?

J: It’s easy for me now being so deep into it. Especially this time, 2014, it’s so easy to eat gluten free.

D: Isn’t it hard to stay with your diet when you are on tour?

J: Whenever I get to a gig the first thing I will do is go to somewhere near my hotel and grab some lunch. And I sometimes I will grab something and save it for later. I have this app on my phone – ‘Find Me Gluten Free’ – that can find you gluten free places and I always use that.

D: What about at the clubs?

J: I did a show at a hotel with Yara Sofia recently and they were serving everybody dinner and I was just doing my typical, ‘No, I’m all set,” because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat what everyone else was eating. And they said, ‘What are you, a vegetarian?’ And I said, ‘No, I’m gluten free.’ And they just went “One second’ and came back and told me the kitchen was working on a gluten free meal for me right then. I forget how much more familiar people are with it now. All you’ve got to do is ask.

Joslyn Fox RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 back hat cape

D: When I interviewed Michelle Visage she told me that she fell in love with you when you did ‘Whatcha’ Packin’ with her.

J: I think in that moment (on ‘Whatcha Packin”) I realized that really Michelle and Santino don’t see anything besides us on the runway.

[quote]’I think, in looking back at Drag Race, no I wasn’t the best drag queen and my makeup was subpar and my costumes sucked, but I really brought the personality. And I think a lot of times as a drag queen, if your character is so well liked, it feels really good but, at the end of the day, you’re like ‘What about me? I want people to like me as me.’ And I think I was able to take that away. The love that I’ve gotten has not been for my drag – that’s what I get all the hate for. The love is for my personality. It was just me being me.'[/quote]

D: What was it like doing that interview with Michelle? I was really nervous (at first) when I interviewed her.

J: At that point I was scared shitless of her because every time I saw her on the runway she was nothing but mean to me. When she came into my room it was the day after I was eliminated and I was devastated. I heard she had just pulled up and and now I’m starting to sweat and shake and I can hear her coming down the hallway. And then she comes into my room and it was just so much fun!

Joslyn Fox RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 with husband Andre

D: Then it was off until the finale.  Where you got married! Was that for real and did you know it was coming?

J: It was for real and I didn’t know. What happened was back in April one of the producers said ‘Wouldn’t it be a hoot if you got married at the reunion?’ And I said, ‘Oh my god that would be so much fun!’ So then a few days later she said they had a meeting and they thought it would be a cute idea but they just didn’t have the time. Now meanwhile Andre (Joslyn’s then fiance, now husband) is on the phone with his “dad” all the time. His dad keeps calling him and his dad keeps texting him. Of course I just brush it off because I’m so naive. But his “dad” was the producer!

[quote]’It went as far as we were in rehearsals and these production assistants came in all angry looking for flowers. And, me being me, I’m like ‘I’ll help you find the flowers!’ So I’m marching around with them and we can’t find the flowers.

‘And then it’s day of. We’re walking onstage and I see a table full of bouquets. And all I’m thinking is ‘Oh good! They found the flowers after all!’ Still not figuring it out! Afterwards I told the producers, ‘You’re lucky I’m so dumb because all that could have blown up and the surprise would have been lost.'[/quote]

Joslyn Fox Jose A Guzman Colon RuPauls Drag Race Season 6
Image credit: Jose A Guzman Colon

D: Did you do a private ceremony after that?

J: No because now I’m so crazy busy I don’t have time to be planning a wedding! But down the road we are going to do a big wedding. Originally we were going to do this backyard wedding in the summer and make it really country kitschy. But now we’re like ‘Let’s go Hollywood. Let’s bring Hollywood to Worcester. We’ll do red carpet, tuxedo, all the lights.  Make it really flashy!

D: I hereby volunteer to be a member of the press on the red carpet! I will get a big microphone with our Dragaholic logo on it!

J: Yes! Press! Morgan McMichael’s says she wants to bartend. We can have Latrice Royale there to officiate!

D: So how did you and Andre meet?

J: I waited on him. I used to work at a restaurant, that was my job before Drag Race.  I waited on him and I recognized him from My Space – that’s how long ago it was. What was funny was when I got to the table and he looked up and recognized me and I recognized him, and he went “Hello!” So I always joke that ‘You had me at hello.’  That was six years ago.

D: You worked there right up until Drag Race?

J: At my last shift I said to my manager, ‘This is my last shift. I’m not coming back.’ And he said, ‘I know exactly where you’re going and I’m so happy for you!’

[quote]’When I got back from filming my cell phone just blew up from all the servers and managers. I had been auditioning for four years. So, at that point, everybody at work they were all in my corner, wanting to see me get on Drag Race. I kept making it to the final cut and then I wouldn’t get on.'[/quote]

Joslyn Fox Laganja Estranja together Rupauls Drag Race Season 6

D: On the show you were the one who sent Laganja home. After all that drama. Did that really go down like that?

J: We definitely all ganged up on her and she was going through some stuff. We all felt really shitty that night. She was having a hard time and we all attacked her and it wasn’t cute.

D: What happened that everyone went for her? Was it a mob mentality?

J: At that point it was a competition and we’re out for blood. And I think, whether we were aware of it or not, we saw the weakest link and we all just kind of went after her. Watching this season, those moments were hard for me watching it. I can only imagine what it was like for Laganja. But I love that girl. And she’s a whole different person now.

D: So are you two okay now?

J: Yes. The cute thing is the night that episode aired I was in West Hollywood doing a show at Micky’s. And I was gonna do ‘Stupid Girls’ because that was the song we lip synced to on the show. And then one of the guys working there told me ‘Laganja’s on her way. She wants to see you.’ And then I was shitting bricks. I was like, ‘Oh my god, I haven’t spoken to her since and she’s gonna be here?’

And then she shows up and it was just so much fun! When I was performing it she was in the front row and she was just making it rain with the dollar bills. We had a cute little hug on the side of the stage. They put the spotlight on us. It was really cute and poetic.

D: When you went into Drag Race did you go in thinking you were going to win or were you just glad to be there?

J: After the fourth time auditioning – I was just glad to be there! And then it was ten episodes in and I was like “Oh my god, I’m still here!” I was devastated when I was eliminated. At that point I think I was getting really cocky. And the thought and the fear of going home was not in my mind. I was caught off guard by the actual elimination. I was a mess!

D: You were sent home by Adore (lipsyncing to Aretha Franklin’s ‘Think’). I remember her face in that lip sync. She wasn’t playing. If you look back at that – look at her eyes.

J: What’s funny is it wasn’t until the episode aired that I really realized that. And I remember texting Adore and telling her that. Because while I’m lip syncing I am like, ‘I am bringing this to church! I’ve got this, no problem.’

Joslyn Fox Bianca Del Rio RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 bffs

D: What was the worst part of getting sent home?

J: I think I was so upset about leaving because I didn’t want to say goodbye to the girls. Because, at that point, the six of us had gotten so close. And I don’t think we have seen that in any of the previous seasons. We always joke that the producers must have been kicking themselves like, “Shit they’re all friendly! We need them to fight!’

D: I was not a fan of the nine bikinis look, although I admire your ability to wear nine bikinis and look good! But I loved you as a boy and your whole attitude. You always seemed to be giving an encouraging word to somebody and really bringing that spirit of cheer and support.

J: Watching it back I’m like, ‘I’m like fucking Dr. Phil!’ It was never like this casual little ‘Hey gurl, turn that frown upside down.’ It was always this deep bullshit and I would get all serious. And then watching it they would put the music in the background. Like this is an Oprah moment!

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Joslyn Fox Tour Dates

July 17 Live – Ann Arbor, MI
Aug 7 Andiamo Celebrity Showroom (w/Bianca Del Rio) – Warren, MI
Aug 20 Seacoast Repertory Theatre – Portsmouth, NH
Aug 29 & 30 340 Nightclub (w/Bianca Del Rio) – Pomona, CA

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