Watch: Joslyn Fox Explains the Origins of "Wonk Wonk" and The Ear Tug

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Image Credit: Brett Saari

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 are sure to be familiar with Joslyn Fox’s memorable “wonk, wonk” (which is partnered with a right-handed double boob lift). Now, in a new video shared with us by a loyal Dragaholic reader, the origins of this hilarious catchphrase are revealed!

In the video, in addition to explaining the origins of “wonk, wonk,” Joslyn also reminds us of what it means when she pulls her earlobe twice. You might remember her explanation during the latest season of Drag Race, but, if not, this video will be a good reminder.


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Joslyn Fox Explains the Origins of “Wonk Wonk” and The Ear Tug

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