Joss Whedon and Bryan Singer Totally Intended to Make the X-Men Franchise X-tra Gay

I helped write the movie and can tell you the gay rights/post-Holocaust Jewish identity/civil rights allegory stuff was all put in there on purpose.

Joss Whedon designed the whole ‘Cure’ storyline in the comic books specifically as a gay allegory, and Bryan Singer wove his own feelings of outsiderdom as a gay man into the movie series.

The whole ‘have you ever tried NOT being a mutant’ coming out scene in X2 isn’t even particularly subtle, while it is effective.

X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz confirmed on a comment thread what the tight leather costumes have been hinting at for years.

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  • Cam

    All of the allegories are nice, but how about one day having one small story line where one male mutant and another cut some flirty eyes at each other instead of three storylines about possible hetro couples getting together?

  • EdWoody

    @Cam: Plenty of that in the actual comics that the films are based on.

  • Rainfish2000


    Northstar was gay (look him up in Wikipedia). He and Colossus even dated for a time. Unfortunately most gay characters were either killed off or they were re-closeted after a few issues. Northstar was one of the longest lasting openly gay X-men characters.

    From Wikipedia, under search for “Northstar”:

    “Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter’s policy was that there were to be no openly gay characters in the Marvel Universe. The Comics Code Authority also prevented Marvel from publicly stating Northstar was homosexual. Byrne, therefore, was only able to imply that Northstar was gay. Although hints about Northstar’s sexual identity appeared during 1983 in issues 7 and 8 of Alpha Flight, his apparent lack of interest in women was implied to be due to his obsessive drive to win as a ski champion.

    When Bill Mantlo succeeded Byrne as Alpha Flight writer, he began a storyline in which Northstar became infected with a strange illness. Mantlo intended to reveal that the illness was AIDS (further implying that the character was gay) and for the character to die of it in Alpha Flight #50. However, Marvel’s editors directed him to change the ending: instead of dying of AIDS, Northstar was revealed to be a magical being whose illness was the result of prolonged separation from his homeland. Peter David later sarcastically described this incident as “He wasn’t gay. He was just a fairy.” This retcon was ignored by later Alpha Flight writers, but without addressing what Northstar’s illness had been.

    In Alpha Flight #106, published in 1992, writer Scott Lobdell was given permission to have Northstar state, “I am gay.” The event generated significant publicity in the mainstream press and Alpha Flight #106 sold out in a week, despite the fact that the series was not a very popular title. It is the only comic book issue to have been inducted into the Gaylactic Hall of Fame.”

    Also, check out this article:

  • Cam

    I get what you two are saying, but what goes on in the comics is obviously not translating to the big screen, which is seen by millions in multiple countries.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Can anyone deny that Charles and Eric are an old, established divorced-but-still-married couple…even if they’ve never had sex together? Over fifty-years, yet they still think of each-other before anyone else…and still finish each-other’s sentences.

    It’s as obvious as Lex Luthor and Superman….

  • ~PR~

    I don’t think the sexuality has to be spelled out. Yes, it would be nice to have a mutant who is gay, but at the same time, not having one doesn’t make the films any less potent for me. The allegory works. It is quite clear (Ice-Man’s homecomming in X2 was dead-on with a teen’s comming out story).

  • Cam

    @~PR~: said….”I don’t think the sexuality has to be spelled out. Yes, it would be nice to have a mutant who is gay, but at the same time, not having one doesn’t make the films any less potent for me”

    Yes, but you could say that they could have made the Notebook and not had them actually get together and kiss. Or Gone With The Wind and had Rhett and Scarlett and just had them insinuate that something may be related to a relationship.

    I’m just bored with the insinuations, either say it or stop pretending that you are open. Paul Lynde, and Bruce Villance were “Insinuating 1000 years ago on the show “Laugh In” and “Hollywood Squares” time we moved beyond that.

  • tmy510

    Wiccan, magneto’s nephew is gay, out, and also has a bf

  • soakman

    I haven’t seen this film yet, but part of the ‘problem’ is that the storylines that they are focusing on do not include relevant X-characters to even have a gay sub-story.

    No Northstar (this isn’t even based on the ultimate series), no Wiccan,no Anole, no Graymalkin, no Shatterstar, no Rictor, no Karma, no Phat, no Destiny (so Mystique/Destiny romance is out), no Rawhide Kid…

    To be honest, the majority of these characters are bit players or in a series that is not nearly as popularized as Marvel’s X-men.

    Unless they make a new movie-canon character or two JUST for the movies, it is really difficult to introduce actual gay relationships in the films. To rewrite any of the characters’ sexualities JUST to make a political point in a film that is primarily escapist in nature to begin with, would isolate thousands of comic readers who become disappointed when their favorite character ‘switches teams’ for no reason.

    You know how many people rely on the Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops love triangle to relate to those characters’ emotional sides? If they suddenly altered that dynamic just to make a point, people would be more irritated with gays and gay culture than would be worth it.

    Comic/Nerds are some of our best allies. Isolating them is a stupid stupid idea.

    Besides, the allegories make their point obvious, and maybe one day we’ll get a Hulkling/Wiccan, Mystique/Destiny, or Rictor/Shatterstar film.

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