Support Tacit Discrimination?

Journo Blasts Dems For Gay Rights “Pussyfooting”

The Democrats failed during Tuesday night’s presidential debate. That’s what journalist Daniel Koffer thinks, anyway.

Koffer reminds readers that the main contenders – Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards – failed to understand the subtext of Tim Russert’s question: “There’s a federal statute on the books which says that, if a college or university does not provide space for military recruiters or provide a ROTC program for its students, it can lose its federal funding. Will you vigorously enforce that statute?”

Every candidate said yes, but failed to consider schools which oppose the military’s ban on openly gay soldiers.

By agreeing to enforce the Solomon Amendment, all three of them gave their assent to a policy whose only goal and only achievement is the perpetuation of discrimination against gay men and women.

Koffer then narrows in on Hillary, whose husband enacted the military’s discriminatory policy.