Journo Blasts Potential Obama Veep Nunn

Though the Democratic race marches on, there’s already a debate about who Barack Obama could – and should – pick as a running mate.

While old favorites Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson have been suggested, people are chattering that Obama may ask adviser and former Senator Sam Nunn, who once chaired the Armed Services Committee, to be his vice-president.

Nunn, of course, pushed hard for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which bars out gays from serving in the military. That said, you can be sure the gays are none-too-pleased about the politico’s veep prospects. Take, for example, homo-journo Wayne Besen, who penned a column blasting Nunn:

When it comes to the idea of Sam as Veep, I’m having Nunn of it. Beyond his DADT disaster, the senator’s weakening of Clinton helped enable and propel the Gingrich revolution in 1994 – a huge setback for gay and lesbian equality…

It is crucial that Obama’s gay staff members make it clear to the candidate how unacceptable Nunn would be. The campaign shouldn’t even float his name unless it is attached to a runaway blimp drifting towards outer space.

Now, now – that’s a bit harsh. We don’t need to send him into space. There are plenty of places on earth we could send him, like Iraq.