Journo Calls For More Gay Awareness Among Athletes

Sports-minded homo LZ Granderson found himself on the receiving end of some anti-gay hits at last week’s NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans. While he wasn’t seriously hurt, the incident spurred Granderson to speak out against a seemingly apathetic sports world, particularly with relation to this month’s Brady Quinn scandal. Writes Granderson:

As long as we as a culture continue to make incidents like the one involving Quinn a news brief, then we as a culture will continue to give credence to the barbaric caste system that has led to several violent attacks and even deaths of people just because they are gay. Contrary to the mistaken notion that brings us comfort, this branch of hate crimes didn’t stop once the nation eulogized Shepard. Some of us just stopped paying attention.

That’s certainly a possibility, but our cynical selves suspect some of ’em just don’t care.