Journo Takes On Thomas Beatie’s Femininity

Journo Jeff Jacoby doesn’t hold pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie in high regard:

Could anything be more incoherent or sad? Gender Identity Disorder is not “incredible,” no matter how politically fashionable it has become to claim otherwise. It is not just another hue in the rainbow of diversity. It is a dysfunction. It should be met with sympathy, counseling, and therapy, not with five-page spreads in People and appearances on Oprah.

Headlines notwithstanding, there is no “pregnant man.” There is only a confused and unsettled woman, who proclaims that surgery, hormones, and clothing made her a man, and is clinging to that fiction even as the baby growing in her womb announces her womanhood to the world.

We can’t say we’re surprised by Jacoby’s reaction – he once argued that legalizing sodomy would lead to an explosion of incest and bestiality.