Journo Turns To Bloggers To Solve Anti-Gay Message Mystery

The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. So, too, are the people behind the pen, like bloggers.

Earlier this week our friend Brad Walsh took to the internet – and his media pals – to spread the word about his encounter with a violently homophobic truck driver who worked for a Yuengling Beer distributor.

The attention he received paid off and the driver has been terminated.

Well, there’s a similar story brewing today.

Journalist Rogier van Bakel, who once wrote for Wired, asked his friends at Boing Boing to pass along news of a particularly vile costumer service representative from eBoost, a search engine optimization company, whatever that means…

Wrote van Bakel:

…On Friday evening, I received an anonymous, sneering, jeering voice-mail from an eBoost Media customer service rep. She called me a “faggot” and a “queer.” I shit you not. This was her apparent retaliation for my demanding a refund due to the fact that the company had, for multiple weeks, not delivered one iota of what they said they would.

That voice mail was actually the second van Bakel received. The first was perfectly cordial. The voice in both, he says, was the same. eBoost honchos, however, say otherwise and insist they’ve “dealt with” the second caller. Van Bakel’s not convinced and has provided both voice mails for readers to consider.

Here’s the MP3 link. The voices sound pretty similar to us…