Journo v. Journo Over Zoe Critique

The New York Times last week published a fairly evil – and hilarious – review of stylist Rachel Zoe’s new show, The Rachel Zoe Project.

In said review, journalist Ginia Bellafonte symbolically shreds Zoe’s fame and relevance, writing,

Given that Ms. Zoe is already a pox on humanity – exploiting an aesthetic of dissipation, invading our collective consciousness and spraying it with dummy dust – it is amazing that “The Rachel Zoe Project,” which focuses on her career, manages to send its audience deeper into the territory of smug NPR obsessives who won’t stop ranting about triviality’s conquest of the American soul.

Meanwhile, homo-journo Matt Donnelly took great offense at Bellafonte’s bitchery and wrote a rebuttal lauding Zoe’s cultural impact, for which we should all be thankful:

Zoe is the real deal… Zoe is a seasoned stylist responsible for some of our most memorable red carpet moments. She’s made It Girls out of dour ducklings, superstars out of burgeoning designers and soon will expand her own brand so you can own a slice of what she calls her “happy place.”

No, thank you, Zoe. We’re full.