JP Calderon Celebrates One Year Out

JC Calderon celebrates one year as an out, proud cocksucker this month. In honor of the anniversary, the Survivor contestant and Janice Dickinson model sat down with Instinct magazine, which published his original coming out interview.

The past year of gay fame has given him a new outlook, says Mr. C: “I’m changed. My perception has changed. I didn’t give people credit — those closest to me and beyond.” Translation: “I thought my friends would be total dicks, but they’re genuinely nice guys!” Awwww.

Meanwhile, Calderon also acknowledges his place as a role model, but insists he won’t curb his “wild” behavior: “I don’t want to be a perfect role model… Sometimes I do crazy or wild things.”

Um, really? We haven’t caught wind of any scandals. You’re obviously not being wild enough, Calderon. Try this combination: ten cheap hookers, yogurt, a plunger and a camera.