JP Calderon’s Missed Out On Some Gay, Old Times

So, we finally got around to reading former Survivor contestant and current Janice Dickinson model JP Calderon‘s coming out interview with Instinct Magazine. To be honest, we really had no idea who this man was until he came out, so we can’t say we’re shocked by the revelation. We can say, however that we’re shocked by how much we like him – well, as much as you can like someone without ever knowing them.

The interview’s the pretty standard coming out exploration, delving in Calderon’s childhood, his father’s disdain and the pain of self-repression et al. We would like, however, to highlight one particularly poignant message:

I’m really, truly doing, what I’ve always wanted to do. I always wanted to be in entertainment. I was such a ham when I was a kid. I loved it, you know?. And when my mom died I stopped. But now I can do it again. It wasn’t until this last year when my dad passed away that I did Survivor, I said yes to Janice Dickinson, to you. I’m coming out and I’m living! Like, what the fuck am I doing? Why have I waited so long?

Good for you, Calderon. Now, you’ve missed loads of cock sucking. Better get to it. We’re sure you’ll find some willing volunteers.