Juan Gabriel, “The Mexican Elton John,” Reveals Intimate Video With Another Man

juangabrielEccentric Mexican singer/songwriter Juan Gabriel surprised fans this week by uploading a video of himself intimately lounging with a mystery man in a hotel room.

The 64-year-old Latin star, often hailed as the “Mexican Elton John,” is usually very private with his personal life. Fans and media outlets have long alluded to him allegedly being gay, but he has only addressed the question once formally, telling a Univision reporter “lo que se ve, no se pregunta” (“don’t ask about something that is obvious”).

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows Juan Gabriel rolling around in bed in front of a person, presumably a man, recording. “Don’t make those ugly faces pa,” the cameraperson says. “Everyone is listening to you, you will not be able to show this,” Gabriel replies.

The video was tweeted by Juan Gabriel’s unverified account on Monday. “Before you look elsewhere, I publish…” he said.

Latin Times reports the video is apparently “blackmail” material, insinuating somebody may have been threatening to publish the video and reveal that Gabriel is gay. Could this be a coming out?