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Juanita MORE’s 12 great outfits that will make you stand out this pride season


Pride is a day where I get to express my fashion fantasies–and check out the fantasies of everyone else at the same time. Over the decades, I’ve spotted some of the best outfits pulled together by some of San Francisco’s most creative and stylish people.

Here are some of my favorite pride looks that have made a grand entrance to my parties over the last 15 years along with some tips for your outfit this year.

I can’t wait to see what everyone will bring this year at my Nighttime party featuring Gavin Rayna Russom of LCD Soundsystem at my new SVN West space, formerly the home of the legendary Fillmore West, and on Sunday for the Daytime bash at 620 Jones with “the world’s first traveling gay disco” – Horse Meat Disco.

1. The Butterfly

My very own butterfly outfit designed by Mr. David Couture for Pride 2016. The gown is made out of 1 yard of black sequins, 500 yards of yellow tulle and 1000 yards of black ribbon and the best accessory – the cutest man.

2. The group theme

It’s always quite a statement when a sexy group shows up together, having coordinated their outfits in advance. This was taken in 2014.

3. The kaftan

Simple, elegant, just draped in pride. There is nothing comfier than a big roomy kaftan. Feel free to wear nothing underneath!

4. Face painting

No need to pull together an over-the-top outfit when there’s enough dime-store face paint around to make a statement. Just remember you need balls and the skills of a pro to pull it off.

5. Dress down

Sometimes less is more–attention. Wrapping yourself in a few yards of fringe is never a bad idea. Especially when you know how to shake it!

6. Paint & outfit

This young “thing,” circa 2002, was able to create a coordinated look that celebrates gender ambiguity, fashion, and style–all at once.

7. The Diaper Dandy

Some fantasies do come true at pride. I found this big baby bawling his eyes out after getting a flat tire and dumping his trike on Market Street. He was fine after I fed him a bottle.

8. Shirtless

Skin always gets my attention, especially when accompanied by a blindfold and a bowler hat. If you choose to wear little-to-nothing be sure you have at least one great accessory, it will make you shine.

9. The House of Verasphere 

You can never go wrong with a full body outfit plus fresh face paint. Miss Vera fabricates costumes from recycled materials and calls them ” fragments of a drag memory tornado.” That is storm I want to be wrapped in.

10. Cheap works

This cheap trick spent all of $10 on this look and almost ruined my brand new silk dress when she spilled her entire drink down the front of me, the minute I walked into my pride party, 620 Jones, 2015. 

11. Simplicity at its best 

Great nipples really help when all you got is a few balls of rainbow yarn to wrap around your body.

12. Girl power 

Pride, circa 2012. Ladies front and center!

13. Only whats needed

Accessorize yourself only with the things that are a necessity to you. The things that will get you through the parade, over to my Pride party and on to your next adventure without missing a beat.

14. Sunglasses and sunscreen

You saved up for that summer body so you might as well show it off. A good pair of sunglasses, sunscreen and nipple rings are all I want to see.

15. Mesh

You can’t go wrong with a couple yards of mesh and some flesh. Freckles, tattoos, and beards – are just serving extra.

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