GayCities Absolut SF

Juanita MORE!’s Dinner for Eight

One of the coolest giveaways of Queerty’s sister site, GayCities, took place on Tuesday night, when member Andrea Cammarosano and seven of his friends were treated to a five-star meal prepared by none other than legendary drag queen Juanita MORE! (pictured above with Shannon Amitin) at Amitin’s lovely Farm: Table cafe and restaurant. (Much of the organic produce was compliments of the Castro Farmer’s Market.) Andrea was rewarded for taking first place in the GayCities Answers Absolut SF Night Out competition.

Photos by Allen Jordan

Juanita’s fabulous menu included lamb meatballs and French-style carnitas. The talented drag queen is a gourmet chef on the side.

GayCities winner Andrea (left, with boyfriend on right) enjoying Juanita’s special Absolut SF cocktail on the Farm: Table roof deck with a view of the San Francisco skyline. The Vodka was mixed with fresh raspberry juice.

Juanita’s kitchen crew/waiters added sex appeal to the evening.

Deviled eggs with capers


Dinner is served. Andrea, a fashion designer, is sporting one of his own blazing creations.

Just when the meal could not get any better, Juanita brought out her raspberry tart with home made ice cream, melted to perfection.

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