Judge Agrees To Keep Aaron Shock’s Court Records Sealed Over “Untoward” Details

The Aaron Schock legal drama rages on, and on.

A federal judge has just ordered the files surrounding the totally-not-gay, 100 percent hetero ex-congressman’s current legal battle with the House of Representatives and federal prosecutors shall remain sealed… for now.

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U.S. District Court Judge Sue Myerscough announced that, despite countless requests from media outlets, she will not make the records surrounding Schock’s case public after objections from his legal team, who argued “certain untoward and unsubstantiated allegations of Mr. Schock’s conduct and character within these documents that would be highly prejudicial to Mr. Schock if unsealed.”

“Untoward” allegations about Mr. Schock’s conduct and character?! Now we really want to know what’s in these files.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait because Judge Myerscough agreed with Schock’s legal team.

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“[R]ecords, orders, and subpoenas relating to grand jury proceedings must be kept under seal to the extent and as long as necessary to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of a matter occurring before a grand jury,'” Myerscough wrote to POLITICO. “The Court finds the documents filed since February 2016 must remain under seal at this time.”

In other words, the files will remain private… for now. But once this whole grand jury thing wraps up, we can expect to get all the dirt. Every last “untoward” detail.

A grand jury in the case has been meeting for about a year now, though no charges have been publicly filed against the 34-year-old flaming heterosexual, and it is unclear what charges he could be facing. So far, Schock has already spent over a million dollars in legal expenses. He also owes $750,000 to his previous attorneys and he has $750,000 in campaign debt.

And so the saga continues…

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