Judge: Christian Counseling Student Jennifer Keeton Has No Grounds to Sue Augusta State University

Throwing out counseling student Jennifer Keeton’s discrimination lawsuit against Augusta State University — which said Keeton cannot tells gay patients they are immoral, despite her Christian beliefs, and will expel her if she insists on it — federal Judge Randal Hall said the school’s demand she attend a remediation program was perfectly reasonable and did not violate her constitutional rights.

Keeton “failed to clearly establish her high burden of persuasion of a ‘substantial likelihood’ of success of the merits of her case,” says Hall, noting the university never told Keeton to change her religious beliefs. “It was not (Keeton’s) personal beliefs that were their concern, but rather only her inability to separate her personal beliefs in the judgment-free zone of a professional counseling situation.”

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  • David

    Common sense prevails!

  • Jack

    Some Christians are so pathetic. I’m embarrassed for this woman.

  • jp

    I’m currently working on my masters in counseling and this is one thing that is drilled into your head from day 1. It doesn’t matter what you believe about the person, if you cause more harm to an individual you are in violation of your ethical duty. Most students can pick out the people who will struggle with this and they are quickly weeded out by their peers or the professors. Hopefully she will not ever receive a license to practice, but, there are still places that believe in conversion therapy (not recognized and denounced by the aca!) that she will probably find to do all her good work.

  • Ryan


  • The Milkman

    I’ve been in health care for 11 years. There’s one over-riding principle that guides every single successful therapeutic alliance: unconditional positive regard. This young woman seems to be incapable of achieving that prerequisite, and is therefore inappropriate for any sort of therapeutic career.

    Perhaps she would be more suited to a data entry position.

  • Dawson

    When you think about what type of female could be a suicide bomber in America just remember this face. Could it happen in America, could some religious zealot ever bomb a gay/lesbian center or bar? When you see yourself as the modern Joan of Arc it is hard to get these people to change. The more attention they get the stronger their will. This is the type of person who will get away with things because of her look—-white, blonde and female. I do not think we have heard the last of her.

  • Jack

    @Dawson: Rolled right off the same production line as Carrie Prejean. Probably have sequential serial numbers stamped behind their ears… wonder if this one’s filmed herself ‘digging for Jesus’ in her no-no place, too?


    Damm activist judges………. :p

  • sjames6621

    Yes a lesbian bookstore in Lancaster PA was bombed some years ago. Why are we fighting religious Zealots half a world away when we have them right here. The only difference is in their brand name. Another christian zealot was Timothy McVeigh of the Oklahoma bombing . He was a soldier who was actually filled with hatred of his country, and only fought in gulf war one because he enjoyed the killing of people.

    And as several people said – I’ll rephrase – the worst thing you can do to someone who needs help is to tell them its their own fault. Thats a ticket to suicide for them, and should be a ticket to a manslaughter conviction for any counselor who causes that suicide

    BTW, while this $!*@# whines about her religious freedom to destroy people being taken away, we need to insure tha people like her cannot do any more damage.

    And we need to look at the rest of the world.

    And understand how good christians are changing the world, instead of religious zealots destroying it.

    Virtually every w. european country except italy and greece now recognizer gay couples legally, about 7 with marriage. And most allow gay couples to adopt.

    Latin America now has Mexico, columbia and Argentina with marriage, and equador and uruguay with civil unions. And partial rights in Brazil. Chile is next

    Along with countries so diverse as Israel, Rep of south africa, Nepal, New Z, and australia, Canada, and in a special case Japan.

    The world sees through the corruption of some chrisitan brands, who totally upend Jesus 2nd of only two commandments – to love thy neighbor as thyself.

    As we march into a new age, where the end of christian religious zealotry hardly different the Islamic except for flying lessons, comes to an end.

  • D Smith

    or we can just convert everyone to the worship of the FSM or the great cthulhu… that would work well too

  • Rick Brannon

    Is that Chris Crocker?

  • whiz

    What a crazy bitch. Bet it would be easy to get her to flip though. She looks like she’d be grabbin titties all over the place. The biggest homophobes…

  • Jeffree

    If she wants to become a “Christian Counselor” there are schools/ programs where she can seek that degree, but she has no business trying to get a legal certification in a field which requires her to adhere to professional standards that recognize that being LGBT isn’t a mental disorder.

    The judge got this right.

  • Black Pegasus

    She looks like a Tranny to me…
    Not that anything is wrong with it….

    I’m just saying.

  • Tessie Tura

    Do Jesus tells her to paint her face like a dime-sto ho? Girl she paint by numba.

  • axos

    You can’t be an astronomer if you insist on the moon being made of green cheese.

  • Jeffree

    @Axos: or if you believe the sun revolves around the earth! (Scientists by the way haven’t determined, by the way, from which cheese the moon is made !)

    There is still a chunk of the population which believes the US moon landings were a stunt.

    I was tuned into a local radio program in the South where the callers agreed that all school libraries should be shut down, because the only book they need is the Buy-Bull.

    One lady did suggest that a dictionary might be helpful, as well, but other callers weren’t sure that was a good idea.

  • Mark

    Ms. Keeton has no observable boundaries. A malicious disrespect for Gay human beings as well as her desired professional code- a truly dangerous woman. Her crusade to harm and judge potential clients is a serious red flag. She needs an intervention before her beliefs cause any more pain and misery.

  • WalkderDC

    IF she was allowed to let her personal opinion rule rather than established rule, it would be just as easy for somebody who wasn’t Christian to tell all of their clients that Christianity was the source of all of their problems and that they would be cured if they stopped going to church. Isn’t it funny how it never occurs to these right wing nut-jobs that the things they want to do could just as easily be done to them by other??

  • Cam

    Why was she bothering to go to school since it seems that she thinks she knows everything already.

    Don’t go to medical school if you cannot be convinced that burning sage and leaches cures cancer, and don’t go into counceling if your goal is to verbally harrass and deamean your clients.

  • Cam

    Whoops, if you can’t be convinced that burning sage and leeches DOESN’T cure cancer….sorry, misstype.

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