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U-Mich’s Chris Armstrong Withdraws Protection Order Request Against Crazed Blogger Andrew Shirvell

Chris Armstrong, the gay University of Michigan Student Assembly president, withdrew his request for an order of protection against suspended state assistant attorney general and crazy person Andrew Shirvell. Judge Nancy Francis, who Shirvell’s attorneys demanded recuse herself from the matter because her sister (State Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith) has publicly attacked Shirvell, thus dropped the matter “without prejudice,” meaning Armstrong can refile. But it appears he’s not going to?

In filing for restraining order against Shirvell, Armstrong said the man on a one-man Internet campaign against him posed “a threat to my own personal safety.” Francis evidently didn’t think so, because Shirvell had not attempted to contact Armstrong since the original filing. All those instances of blog attacks, protesting outside his home, and following friends and associates around campus is water under the bridge?

Meanwhile, it’s left Shirvell’s attorney threatening to sue U-Mich is the school doesn’t rescind its own banishment of Shirvell from campus. On Sept. 14, the day after Armstrong filed for an order or protection, campus police warned Shirvell against stepping foot on campus. With Armstrong being denied the order, and formally withdrawing it, Shirvell wants back on the Ann Arbor campus — but that decision, says the university, can only be made upon a meeting between Department of Public Safety chief Ken Magee and Shirvell. (Shirvell has requested a meeting several times; he has yet to have one scheduled.)

Shirvell heads back to work at the state AG’s office on Nov. 5, the same day he’ll face disciplinary hearings.