Judge Questions Validity Of Marriage In Trans Man Thomas Beatie’s Divorce

Thomas Beatie first made the news in 2007 as the spectacle-ready “pregnant man,” the first high-profile trans man to give birth. Now he’s back in the spotlight for a less blissful reason: The dissolution of his marriage to his wife, Nancy.

The Beaties started divorce proceedings in April but now, according to the New York Daily News, a judge is questioning the legality of the marriage in the first place because of Beatie’s trans status.

The judge has declared the Beaties relationship to be a same-sex union which the state of Arizona doesn’t recognize. Prior to the couple’s 2003 wedding, Thomas had undergone gender-reassignment surgery and presented approved legal documentation before the ceremony.  (Both Thomas’ birth certificate and passport list his sex as male.)

The marriage had been on the skids for a while: Beatie had said they were going “through a rough patch right now” while they were separated, and was awarded temporary full custody after he claimed Nancy had physically attacked him.