Judge Questions Validity Of Marriage In Trans Man Thomas Beatie’s Divorce

Thomas Beatie first made the news in 2007 as the spectacle-ready “pregnant man,” the first high-profile trans man to give birth. Now he’s back in the spotlight for a less blissful reason: The dissolution of his marriage to his wife, Nancy.

The Beaties started divorce proceedings in April but now, according to the New York Daily News, a judge is questioning the legality of the marriage in the first place because of Beatie’s trans status.

The judge has declared the Beaties relationship to be a same-sex union which the state of Arizona doesn’t recognize. Prior to the couple’s 2003 wedding, Thomas had undergone gender-reassignment surgery and presented approved legal documentation before the ceremony.  (Both Thomas’ birth certificate and passport list his sex as male.)

The marriage had been on the skids for a while: Beatie had said they were going “through a rough patch right now” while they were separated, and was awarded temporary full custody after he claimed Nancy had physically attacked him.

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  • Me

    This was on dlisted days ago.

  • truth

    @emily make sure to put this on your website as an example of your
    “professional writing”. It really shows off your lack of knowledge.

  • Daez

    @Emily: Hahahahahaha! You are funny. Brilliant and funny. I mean, you sound so stupid that you cannot possibly be serious. Good luck in your marriage, if you are married, may it end abruptly when your husband is found banging his secretary up the ass because a good girl like you could not possibly take it up the pooper and that is what most straight guys want.

  • Atasi

    I don’t get why the media were jizzing themselves over this “pregnant man”; she has no penis and two XX chromosomes, call her what she is a butch lesbian.

  • Drew

    I’m OK with him being Trans but Thomas Beatie is nothing but a media wh0re and the way he tried to sell photos of his son to the highest buyer to magazines just shows this.

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