Judge Requires NOM To Disclose Prop 8 Donors Because NOM Is Not The NAACP

Last Friday U.S. District Judge Morrison England told and the National Organization for Marriage that they can’t skirt California campaign-finance law by keeping the names of their Prop 8 donors secret.

The two anti-gay groups argued that their donors would face threats and harassment if their names were made public. It was an argument made by the NAACP in the 1950s—one which allowed the civil-rights group to keep its membership rolls sealed.

Wait, you mean that NOM isn’t just like the NAACP?

Judge England also pointed out that the names on the contributors list were actually disclosed in 2009 and yet NOM and haven’t been able to show any negative ramification. “It makes no sense to buy in to the argument that disclosure may result in repercussions when there is simply no real evidence in the record that such repercussions actually did occur in the past three years,” England said in his ruling. “Plaintiffs’ evidence is, quite simply, stale.”


NOM plans to appeal, of course, because no one should be allowed to stick their noses into other people’s private business. Unless those other people are homosexuals, that is.