Judy Shepard Gives Last Call For Hate Crime Bill

America’s House of Representatives votes on the hate crimes bill today. In anticipation of the event, Judy Shepard, whose murdered son Matthew has become a martyr in the fight for equal protection, has penned an op-ed pushing for the bill’s passage.

Taking on conservatives, such as FRC, who argue the bill will restrict their religious thought, Shepard writes:

Congressional offices all across Washington are being flooded with phone calls opposing the legislation because political organizations on the ultra-right have been lying to their members, and telling them that this legislation would punish religious people for anti-gay speech — dubbing this a “thought crimes bill.”

The tireless activist goes on to criticize their fact manipulation.

The people spreading this type of propaganda are blatantly lying to their members out of fear that the federal government might finally legislatively recognize that gay Americans exist, and need the same rights and protections the rest of us take for granted.

Even worse, the Traditional Values Coalition is misleading and manipulating its members to make these phone calls to Congress, even when they know in their hearts that they are spreading lies.

Shepard goes on to point out that many religious leaders support these controversial laws. And, what’s more, these conservatives would do well to remember that religion tradition’s protecting people, not putting them out the pasture to be devoured by wolves.

Meanwhile, religious conservatives continue to pressure President Bush to veto the bill. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth rails, “This is really about getting the heavy hand of the federal government in promoting homosexuality as a ‘civil right'”. We know it’s a lop-sided comparison, but blacks, Asians and people of every other color have rights. Why shouldn’t gay people? Until there’s definitive proof that gays “choose” to be gay, we should have the same rights as people who can’t “choose” their skin color, no? Once conservatives convince us that we’re just playing mind games with ourselves, then we’ll back down. And seek psychological help. We probably won’t stop sucking dick, though…