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Judy Shepard, mother of Matt Shepard, is worried about Amy Coney Barrett

“It’s certainly a fear, and I think it’s justified based on the Senate’s hypocrisy. We should let the people decide, I think, on the replacement seat. If we have a court that is so set on not helping marginalized communities receive equality, I think we’re all in trouble…We have recent polls, right, that the country is largely in favor of equality for the gay community. So listen to the voters. Do what they want you to do, not what your previous thoughts were. It’s a new world. Get with the program.”Judy Shepard, mother of the late Matthew Shepard, a gay man murdered 22 years ago in a homophobic hate crime, on the ongoing Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Barrett has refused to share her views on queer rights under the law during her questioning, sparking fears of erosion of LGBTQ rights. Shepard told MSNBC that she would encourage Barrett to consider what she would do if one of her own children came out as gay.