JuJubee's 30th Birthday Gift is a Story That Will Warm Your Heart

People across the world have had their hearts melted by the story of JuJubee’s 30th birthday in Rhode Island…

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Image Credit: Facebook.com/jujubeefans

Yesterday, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 alum and fan favorite, JuJubee, shared the heartwarming story of a little boy named Jeffrey that she met at Rhode Island’s 2014 pride festival.

Jujubee shared the above image on her Facebook page with a message that read “His mother brought him over and I was so happy! I asked ‘Are you my lil princess boy???’ He replied with a huge smile, ‘YES I AM!’ #RhodeIslandPride.” She then she added a comment on the photo: “It definitely was the highlight of my year!”

Shortly after JuJubee added her comment, the boy’s mother, Starlie Becote chimed in on the photo by revealing the amazing story of her young boy:

[quote]That’s my baby Jeffrey. Thank you all for making his day brighter yesterday. He’s never met anyone else like himself and has been bullied for years. I am so proud of him for meeting such a cruel world with the biggest smile everyday. And juju he says he’s never washing that skirt and shirt because you held him in it. 😉 you have no idea what a difference you have made in his life!! Luv ya”[/quote]

We are so happy that the world is filled with such loving and caring people like JuJubee and this little boy’s mother. This story will hopefully set an example for how parents of young children should give them freedom to dress as they choose, without conforming to traditional (and outdated) gender roles.

At the time this article was written, the photo had received over 18,500 likes and more than 640 shares on Facebook.

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In a 2012 music video, fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and fan favorite, Manila Luzon, released a music video called ‘Hot Couture’ that had a similar story as Jeffrey’s. Watch the music video below.

Manila Luzon – Hot Couture