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Julian Bond Can’t Stop Calling Pastor Eddie Long a ‘Raving Homophobe’

Our love affair with Julian Bond, the civil rights hero and former NAACP chairman, is no secret: love, love, love, love this man. Now, more reason than ever: Bond isn’t hiding behind some secret religious code to defend Eddie Long. Instead, he’s calling out the embroiled pastor for what he is: a “raging homophobe.”

But, says Bond: “You hope these charges are not true because it’s bad news for his family, bad news for his church.” However, “if they are true, it’s typical of people who are raving homophobes who are secretly homosexual. They have this self loathing, self hate, and they have to let it come out some way.”

And Bond, who has every credential imaginable to make this assertion, says Long’s hosting the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow Coretta was a disgrace. “I knew her, and I knew she was a big defender of gay rights, I knew that Bishop Long was a raging homophobe, and I knew that she’d be twisting in her grave if she were buried there, and I’d be twisting in my grave eventually if I went to the funeral there, so I stayed away.”

What’s so great about Bond coming out against Long? Well his eloquence, for one. But with his criticism, Bond is greenlighting others in Black Inc. or Gay Inc. who might otherwise defend — or stay silent — on Long’s bigoted hypcrosiy. That’s a win.