In The Fever Swamps

July Is Ex-Gay Pride Month, and Other Right Wing Lunacies

In this week’s tour of the fever swamps, we get to look at the alternate universe of ex-gay pride, the coming generation of barbarians and the marriage equality resistance force.

Too much fun during gay pride? There right-wing has a cure for that —literally. Despite Exodus closing its doors, Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) soldiers on, promoting July as the first-ever Ex-Gay Pride Month. In case, you’ve never heard of VoV, it’s basically an anti-ex-gay defamation group, or, in other words, a group of self-haters who feel picked on. You are cordially invited to attend the Awareness Event and Dinner Reception. All you need to do is send a bio and headshot to VoV for approval. If that sounds like a low-tech Grindr–well, we couldn’t possibly comment.

We can always count on Linda Harvey to keep striving for her personal off-the-wall best, and she never disappoints. Her latest: marriage equality will turn children into “barbarians.” In a variation of her usual rant about how anything gay harms children, Harvey said marriage equality is “going to mess with their hearts, their minds, their spirits, and their bodies” because the “security level” that was once in place in society will be gone. “I think that we are looking toward; I don’t know that this is, maybe it’s too strong a word, but raising barbarians,” Harvey concluded. This comes just days after Harvey suggested that young people accepting their gay peers was like believing that the sun revolved around the earth. Seems Linda’s stuck somewhere around the year 1500, which seems about right given her opinions.

MassResistance just wishes we were among the more enlightened countries. Like Russia and Nigeria. The Massachusetts-based group issued a press release applauding the passage of vicious antigay legislation in Nigeria and blaming antigay violence in Russia on, you guessed it, the victims. “Although in some cases the punishments are more draconian than Westerners are comfortable with, there is a sense that these nations do not want their cultural decisions dictated by the United States and other Western countries.” As for the violence in Russia, it was “unfortunate” (a synonym for “you had it coming”) but “provoked by homosexual activists” who had staged a kiss-in.

And if you think this week was fun, wait until the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality next week. The right wing is already vowing to disobey the Court ruling if it is favorable to equality.  We can hardly wait to see the fumes rising from the swamp!