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Jussie Smollett’s Pride message is exactly what we needed to hear right now

“Love yourself and love each other. We are literally all we got, and I say this in every single show. I turn the lights up on the audience and I just say, “Society wants us to believe that the world doesn’t really look like this, but it does. This is what the world looks like, all different races and cultures and religions and sexualities and genders and ages and body types and people standing, people sitting, people in a wheelchair, people in crutches. All of that. So my thing is, the people who are yelling hateful things are so f*cking loud, and we just need to lower their volume so we can raise up ours for us who want to preach love and who want to practice love.” It’s that simple.

Listen, I know it’s deeper than just that. We have to deal with policy changes, we gotta deal with law changes. We gotta deal with all of that. It’s economic. It’s all of these things. But everything starts with love. And I hate the term “minority,” but if every single so-called minority group were to raise up and join together, we would be a fierce majority that no motherf*cker could take down.”Jussie Smollett sharing his Pride message with Pride Source.

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