Just a Day in the Park for Cynthia Nixon & Family

Hey, everybody– it’s Cynthia Nixon at Disneyland! Prior to riding in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s, the onetime Sex and the City star took her partner Christine Marinoni and their kids Charlie and Samantha to the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s not news, but it’s cute and it’s nice to see Disney publicist’s distributing press about gay celeb family visits as merrily as they do straight celeb fams.

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  • ChristopherM

    What a nice family! Is it me, or has Cynthia Nixon gotten prettier since she became a lesbian? Every red carpet event and even casual things like this, she just looks lovely.

  • me

    So that’s Rojo’s real name! I was just telling my boyfriend that I didn’t know her real name. Thanks Queerty!

  • hardmannyc

    She also sends her kids to public school in NYC. She single handedly defines “class.”

  • imayogi

    LOVE the photo – thanks a lot for sharing it with us. Did Disney’s publicists REALLY send this to Queerty?

  • Dudous Migratorious

    I always KNEW she was too real to be believable on that tiresome show. Audacity in the city, right on!

  • ChristopherJ


  • Sarah Day

    She just seems so happy! What an adorable family photo from Disney!! I agree with the first comment her sexuality really has agreed with her!! Go C!!

  • Phil

    She looks… younger?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Too bad all of Queerty’s Lesbian-bashing pushed all the women away. What a normal beautiful family shot! Bravo for that at least!

  • Lost

    Walked by Cynthia on 22nd street a few weeks ago and she is tall and a real beauty. I said Hi Cynthia and she looked back at me and said Hi. The camera does not do her enough justice. Oh, and C, whatever function you were going to, You Looked Fierce !!!!!!

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