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Just Because It’s A Gay Military Print Magazine Does Not Mean There Are X-Rated Photos Of Hot Soldiers

Well how’s this for poignancy: Just in time for the death of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, gay servicemember group OutServe has launched a print magazine, a medium that’s also headed to the grave. Actually, it’s not quite in print: It’s a PDF file! Seriously! You can “download” it here, and then “print” it using this amazing technology that magically makes words and pictures appear on pieces of paper. This is very confusing for me, because after getting our IT guy to help me with this, I navigated to the table of contents and used my mouse to click on each of the headlines on the page, and nothing happened. “Our goal is to have our next version available in print, at some of the larger military bases,” says OutServe’s pseudonym’d chief JD Smith in a statement. So that’s cool, because with DADT coming to an end, gay troops will be able to carry their copy of the magazine without fearing discharge. (Which, in all seriousness, is a good thing, because there are plenty of active duty servicemembers without laptops or iPads to read a digital version.) Will slipping one of these in your back pocket be the equivalent of carrying a copy of The Economist through the airport?

Though for obvious reasons, readers will want to flip to the back page to check out this ad, which features the magazine’s only skin pics.