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Just Because Maggie Gallagher Says Gay Marriage Isn’t Inevitabile Doesn’t Make It True


Alternative headline: “Gay Marriage No Longer ‘Inevitable,’ Claims Woman Responsible for Its Inevitability.” That’s our warning not to trust Politico‘s report. Reporter Ben Smith, who is a smart and affable fellow and who’s long contributed to the gay news cycle, quoted National Organization for Marriage president Maggie Gallagher like so: “The events of the last few months have put a serious dent in the idea that gay marriage is inevitable.” And in an old reporter’s trick (and one that Queerty has used before, you know, “for the clicks”), it gives Politico the opportunity to print this headline: “Gay marriage’s ‘inevitability’ in doubt.” But while recent setbacks in Maine and New York underscore the uphill battle, marriage’s “inevitability” is only in doubt by the very people who have built careers on advocating discrimination — like Ms. Gallagher, who’s already admitted her own marriage pales in comparison to gay marriages. The rest of us, meanwhile, have a better understanding how history will be written.