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Just Because Prop 8 Will End Up Before Her Husband’s Court Doesn’t Mean Ginni Thomas Won’t Opine On Judge Vaughn Walker

Fox News host Neil Cavuto feels, ahem, obligated to mention that his guest Ginni Thomas happens to be married to Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. Yeah, this isn’t a bizarre conflict of interest for the spouse of a man who’s likely going to decide the future of same-sex marriage in America.

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Discussing Prop 8 and Arizona’s immigration bill SB1070, Neil asks the pimp: “From your vantage point — nothing to say about the Supreme Court — shouldn’t they be resolved on a people level and the people themselves have kind of spoken on all of them?”

Thomas responds: “Amen, Neil. Come to and join us. We are all about policy and what people can do in the public square. Once it hits a legal test it is a whole different thing. I see a different line between the law and policy and I know other people in my house do too.”

Get it? She means the sitting Supreme Court justice she goes home to every night!

Should Ginni be prohibited from speaking about public issues the same as any other citizen just because whom she’s married to? Certainly not. But it’s also unbelievable to listen to her lobby against one side in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case; she calls Judge Vaughn Walker overturning Prop 8 “revolutionary.” The same sort of revolutionary act that, uh, allowed her and Clarence Thomas to get married.

To set things right, now for a reasonable FNC discussion of Prop 8:

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