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Just Because Rep. Steny Hoyer Says House Is Ready for ENDA Doesn’t Make It So

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the Democratic House majority leader from Maryland, says ENDA is very likely on the docket this year, and maybe even a DADT repeal. Call us cynics, but Hoyer’s reasoning — “Both of these issues are not new issues, and I frankly think that they’re going to be resolved, and I think the American public is there as well” — is of little comfort. These haven’t been “new issues” for years, and yet, here we are.

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  • Aaron Rowland

    ENDA has 198 cosponsors in the house. It takes 218 to pass it.

    They can whip the last 20 in their sleep.

    ENDA will pass before summer. DADT is where the trouble starts.

  • reason

    Steny is a good guy, and Aaron is correct the house can pass both ENDA and possible even DADT repeal, the trouble actually starts in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi has presided over one of the most productive and progressive Houses in the history of the country, but the Senate has dropped the ball on so many issues that the house is becoming reluctant to put its neck out. Nancy, Steny, and Clyburn never fail to get the votes when they have to.

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com


    Excuuuuusssse Me! “the trouble actually starts in the Senate”????

    The Straight Old White Xtian Male Powerbrokers giveth and they taketh away. From the same source article:

    “[Hoyer] said LEGISTLATIVE ACTION [to repeal DADT] WOULD AWAIT RECOMMENDATION FROM THE PENTAGON. …. House leaders are NOT planning to tie changes to don’t ask, don’t tell to the defense authorization bill, Hoyer said. ‘I don’t know what the time frame for dealing with that will be’.”

    TRANSLATION: We will use the excuse of “The Study” to sit on this until it’s released December 1st…one week after midterms…when we will sadly announce that any chances for repeal are dead. So sorry. Better luck in 15 years!~

    Everyone agrees that including it in DEFAUTH is the only chance repeal would have. But AMERICAblog reported this morning:

    “[We] were just informed that the White House congressional liaison office is telling US House members not to include the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the Defense Authorization bill, and not to have a vote on DADT on the House floor, this year.”

    BY CONTRAST our loyal straight soldiers in the battle against DADT have been doing their part WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM THE WHITE HOUSE OR HOUSE LEADERSHIP:

    “[I]n gathering votes for its repeal, [House DADT repeal sponsor Patrick Murphy] has upped the co-sponsor tally by 40 in the past year to 191 and counting (including two Republicans). He gained a dozen new supporters last month …. Murphy is predicting he’ll have the needed 216-vote majority in time TO ADD REPEAL ONTO THE HUGE DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION BILL when it comes up next month. HE IS ALREADY CONFERRING ON STRATEGY WITH JOSEPH LIEBERMAN, the Senate’s repeal leader. Over in that chamber, the 60-vote filibuster barrier could be turned back onto opponents as the minimum they would need to strike repeal from the defense bill.” – New York Times, April 9, 2010

    Out of the blogs and into the streets!



  • reason

    @Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com: Nothing new there, it will be very difficult to get the house to move on a vote regardless if the votes are there or not without explicit guarantees that the senate will pass the rider. The senate is adamant about waiting for this report to come down the pike before they take action; I have not heard about 51 senators willing to take action before the study is completed. The Speaker has already stated that she will not put her colleagues necks on the line for the rest of the year on contentious votes without assurances that the senate would pass the legislation. Why would she? If the house members make difficult votes and the senate drops the ball not only would their votes be for nothing, but their opponents will strangle them with those votes latter this year at election time. That is one of the reasons the health care bill was continually delayed because the speaker wanted blood signed proof that the senate would pursue and pass the reconciliation bill especially after the house was burned after voting for a public option last year. No surprise Joe Lieberman, the ally your touting, was the person who struck the match to burn the public option; Lieberman is one of the most unreliable people in the democratic caucus.

  • Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com


    Nothing new in perpetual excuse makers like you being a part of the problem not a part of the solution.

    From whatever fag cat bird seat you sit, fuck off and die.

  • reason

    @Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com: Take it down a notch, nothing new simply means that there was nothing there that I was not already aware of, I don’t know if there was something more that you wanted me to read, I have watched some of the hearings and have done a decent job of keeping up with what is going on; nothing to wish death over.

    It is common knowledge that it is much more difficult to get progressive legislation through the Senate, people in both chambers will tell you that, the senate is a totally different animal were simple majorities generally don’t get you very far. You are talking about grievance that have existed for ages that both sides of the house isle have cried about when their in power. The house is generally more “radical” then the senate.

    Don’t generally complain about syntax, but your use of bold and capitalization was extremely distracting while I took the time to read the article that you posted.

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