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Just Because Ted Olson Is In Favor of Gay Marriage Does Not Mean All of Conservative America Is Getting Behind It

Listen. It’s a great thing that Ted Olson, the attorney representing the plaintiffs in Perry, is supporting gay marriage — by trying the case, by speaking out in support of it, and spelling out how conservatives should support gay marriage. But we’re not buying Rachel Maddow’s argument that gay marriage issue is now, suddenly, becoming a cause célèbre for conservatives. “For all the anti-gay marriage conservatism activism, and agitation and political exploitation,” says the MSNBC host, before introducing Olson on the show, “something has happened in the past year that has brought the gay marriage issue back to its conservative roots, in a way.”

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  • B

    QUEERTY: “But we’re not buying Rachel Maddow’s argument that gay marriage issue is now, suddenly, becoming a cause célèbre for conservatives.” … Listen carefully to what Ted Olson said – he noted that younger voters are far more accepting of same-sex
    marriage. He sees the proverbial handwriting on the wall – if the conservatives continue to sell themselves to the religious right wing, they’ll lose any chance of being elected as the older voters die off – too many of the currently younger voters won’t buy it.

    Or read about how the religious right wing killed the Republican Party – what were supposed to be gullible followers took over and the lunatics started to run the asylum.

    After getting slapped down in the 2008 election, the conservatives may be starting to rethink their strategy – they’ll dump the religious nuts like hot potatoes if those nuts are costing more votes than they are bringing in.

  • Shawn

    Queerty, you’re a bit off base. I know a lot of conservatives (my generation, which is just starting to take up politics) that are in favor of gay marriage, hell even my grandparents who have never voted democrat want me to have my rights.

    So I think you guys are just off base…not that its anything new for this site. You guys only have a California mind, which is okay for the most part…but you have to look at it from a different view sometimes. I may not be a conservative in any real way…but I grew up with a huge majority of conservatives…so I tend to see things differently…perhaps you should try it.

  • terrwill

    What true conseratives are seeing is that the republican
    party has been hijacked by the lunatic fringe. Instead of
    working towards true conserative principles they instead
    focus on what seems like the only two words they can write
    or utter in the English language: “abortion” and “Gay”.
    Our country is in economic tatters and lunatics like Maggot
    Gallagher has millions concentrating on denying a segment of
    the population’s rights. What ever happend to the core
    conserative values of hands off government? It seems more
    and more of the party are asking that question. And to appease
    these lunatics the partys nominee in 2008 give the VP nod
    to Scarah Pallin, a choice who infuriated many in their party.
    They are looking at what happened in NY #23 where the lunatic
    fringe cried like babies that the repub candidate was not
    “consertative” enough because of support for Gay marriage.
    Michael Long then ran a candidate on the conserative line
    to “show” the party not to do so and guess what? A dem. won
    a seat that was in repub. hands for decades……

    Who knows this may bode well for the Gays, if they somewhat
    sane majority of the repubs finally wake up and realize they
    need to focus on other issues than simply spewing hate
    towards the Gay community………….

  • Jake the libertarian

    I think it’s worth differentiating between “conservatives” which is a very broad term, and one that has historically meant people who are for low taxes and limited government intervention into the private sector and “Christian Right” which while part of the conservative movement, does not encompass all conservatives.

    It was really under Bush that the Christian Right became synonymous with the word conservative or Republican.

    As a libertarian, I have always described myself as a pretty conservative guy, although I have always been a very socially liberal person. I never saw a conflict there until Bush… I love gays (I am gay :D), I am pro-choice, for the legalization of pot, etc…

    The Goddamn Christian Right has just hijacked the whole fiscal conservative movement. They hijacked it, raped it, shat it out and called it gay. Really annoying for a pretty “conservative” libertarian fag like me.

  • Dan

    If you never saw a conflict between conservative and libertarian, you must be young. Anyone who lived through Reagan could never have conflated one with the other. See Edwin Meese.

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