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Just Because Truvada Can Cut HIV Transmission In Half Doesn’t Mean Everybody Should Start Taking It

Everyone wants a pill, a fix, a cure-all for what ails us. Science is looking for the magic bullet pill that we can take and eat whatever we want and still lose weight. Because we are lazy. The same for HIV. People think condoms aren’t fun; they can ruin the moment. But I disprove of a pill that would make healthy people customers of drug companies when all they have to do is take control of their bodies and lives. How many will see this as a prevention and run out and have unprotected sex? Far too many, since so many are doing it now. … We need a cure for HIV and AIDS. We’ve always had a way to prevent it, it’s called common sense and responsibility, though of course mistakes and accidents can happen.

— Charles Karel Bouley, known to San Francisco radio listeners as Karel, and whose husband Andrew Howard died of a heart attack after taking HIV/AIDS drugs, calling bullshit on the prospects of supposed HIV prevention wonder drug Truvada [via]