Just Cookies Ends Rainbow Cupcake Scandal By Posting Non-Discrimination Notice By The Register

Just Cookies, the Indianapolis bakery that refused to sell rainbow cupcakes to celebrate Coming Out Day at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, is no longer the target of the city’s ire now that it’s signed off on a statement “acknowledging” the city’s equal opportunity ordinance and agreeing to update its website (which we couldn’t find) with a notice “concerning special orders,” whatever that means. The bake shop, owned by husband-and-wife team David and Lily Stockton, was let off the hook by some (including folks at Indiana Equality) for being a “good business” that shouldn’t have to lose its lease in a city-owned market just because it was a “family-owned” outfit that didn’t like the gays. Moving forward, Just Cookies will have to post a copy of the city’s non-discrimination ordinance at its shop, probably in the same place the easily ignored “What To Do In A Choking Emergency” sign is located. And even if that’s enough to get customers back in the shop’s good graces, perhaps their signature product is not: “I went here a few weeks ago while I was on vacation,” writes on UrbanSpoon reviewer. “Terrible cookies! The cookies were burnt on the bottom and they tasted pretty dry. I decided to try some of the cookies my friend bought and they were equally terrible. As bad as the cookies were though, the service was worse! How this place stays in business I don’t know. Don’t be fooled — it’s not ‘Just Cookies’ it’s ‘Just Terrible.'”