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Just when we didn’t think Herschel Walker could be a bigger hypocrite, this happened…

Sometimes it seems like the GOP’s main export is hypocrisy, and business is booming today!

A recent report by The Daily Beast reveals that anti-LGBTQ senatorial candidate and champion of conservative family values Herschel Walker reportedly has a secret son he’s taken no part in raising.

As if Walker having a gay son (who is somehow more homophobic than him?) weren’t enough irony, he’s lectured the Black community on the dangers of fatherless households countless times while apparently having a son he doesn’t care to father.

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In an interview with right-wing duo Diamond and Silk, Walker posed the question, “What about teaching our Black men that if you lay down with a woman and you make a baby, it is your responsibility to stay there and make sure that child is raised?”

What about it, indeed?

This report comes after several controversies for the football player turned political hopeful, including multiple abuse allegations in which he threatened to shoot both his first wife and an on-and-off girlfriend to death.

As a man not supporting children’s material needs while also allowing the threat of gun violence to run rampant, Walker may actually be a fitting representative for his party.

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The unnamed, 10-year-old child has apparently not met his notorious half-brother Christian, who Walker does actually publicly claim.

In response to this story, multiple outlets have recently cited a 2019 interview in which Walker stated that his greatest accomplishment was being a good father. The interview has since been deleted.

Here’s what people on Twitter are saying about the whole thing…