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Just when we got rid of awful Madison Cawthorn, more awful Bo Hines had to come along

Ousted one-term congressman Madison Cawthron might be exiting Washington, D.C. soon, but his BFF Bo Hines appears poised to take his place as the youngest, most inexperienced, most unqualified member of the U.S. House.

Rolling Stone just ran a profile about him titled “Bo Hines Has Big Madison Cawthorn Energy — And Might Win Republicans the House” and, honestly, ugh.

The twice-married 27-year-old trust fund baby is a former college football player turned GOP nominee for the U.S. House in North Carolina’s 13th congressional district, and FiveThirtyEight projects he will likely win in his race against 46-year-old two-term state senator Wiley Nickel.


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Like his buddy Cawthorn, Hines had almost no experience in politics when he decided to run for office. He’s a pro-Trump, anti-LGBTQ, election-denying conservative who doesn’t have a job and loves to fearmonger about the country being “under assault from the Authoritarian Left.”

His NRCC profile states:

Bo Hines is the best choice to defend our shared conservative values – creating an attractive environment for job creators to create good-paying jobs, defending our individual liberties and freedoms from a tyrannical bureaucracy, returning educational decision-making power to parents, fighting to secure our borders, and protecting the unborn.


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Per Rolling Stone:

Nickel and Hines are running against each other in a race to represent North Carolina’s 13th district. If every district in America were ranked in order from most Republican to most Democratic, it’s the one that would land dead-center. That makes it an almost laboratory-perfect setting for a race pitting a flame-throwing Trump-endorsed political neophyte against an experienced, if anodyne, Obama-era Democrat. In an election where Democrats are clinging to a thin majority, it is one of the races most likely to decide whether the country will continue its doom spiral, reliving the 2016 election every few years for the rest of our lives.

That sounds a bit dramatic, but also not totally outside the realm of possibility.

If Republicans win the House, they’ve already said what people can expect: Kevin McCarthy will most likely become Speaker of the House. Marjorie Taylor Greene will get her her committee assignments back. There will be lots of bullsh*t investigations into things like Hunter Biden’s laptop. And most, if not all, of President Biden’s agenda will be blocked for the final two years of his term.

Early voting in North Carolina is already underway.

With the election a little over a week away, here’s what folx on Twitter are saying about Hines…

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