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  • Eric Auerbach

    I LOLed.

  • Avenger

    You’re all basically HARASSING this kid now. LOL the oppressed gets a little social clout and then becomes the harassers. Irony…

  • 2eo

    @Avenger: I’m sure he’s perusing the Queerty site, his hands a tingle with what people he doesn’t know are jovially saying about him.

    This is Bryan Fisher actually calling for us to be killed, this is poking fun at someone whose done something daft. Big difference.

    Although I don’t expect you to understand, nor reply I thought I’d just put it out there.

  • Kieran

    If Manti is gay why on earth would this 21 year old be hesitant to admit being gay on national TV? I mean it’s not like there is any homophobia in America anymore…..and especially not in college or professional sports where, as we all know, there are so many, many openly gay coaches and players today.

    And if he did come out he would be assured of being welcomed by gay websites like Queerty who’d start referring to him as the “Queen” of college football.

    Why would this young athlete want to make it clear to Katie that he was far, far, far from being gay? It’s a mystery.

  • Aaron

    @Avenger: First, it’s a joke. Second, Te’o made such a point of saying how very very very not gay he is, that he’s pretty much opened the door to jokes like this. Exhale.

  • Charli Girl

    Hey sunshine..did u see the video of when he was asked if he was gay?
    His AND the audience response was DISGUSTING!!!
    I could shiv a git about that boy until I seen that! NOW IT’S PERSONAL!!!
    The media will be on him like white on rice now,if he even looks at another male they
    Will out him!!

  • hf2hvit

    @Avenger: That was STUPID

  • alexoloughlin

    I don’t get the gay connection. Why is this rumor being circulated and on what basis? Is there proof that he is?

  • Diesel69

    I would puy him further up the chart because he plays football and touches guys all the time–alot of groping,hands between the legs and dont forget those full on tackles–

  • Diesel69

    @alexoloughlin: Gay guys who believe they have to be in the model of straight–marry to cover or fake a girlfriend to cover their true homosexuality

  • miniskull

    I recently read an advice article from where is this line: “Political progressive forms new social rudeness” Apparently when gays and lesbians are more accepting in our society also means we giving ourselves the right to poke our nose in everyone’s personal life. I genuinely believe this simply just a prank gone bad. This kid just wanted to get some point in the consideration for the Heisman’s trophy- so he and his cousin plotted this plan. Why do we have to jump into the conclusion that he’s “gay”? Likewise with the homophobic people, just because they hate gays means they are gay themselves? Back in high school my best friend lied about having a girlfriend (he’s straight, btw) just so people will look at him more seriously. People found out about this and he was so embarrassed that he avoided everyone for a month. I can’t imagine what this kid is going through with all of this ridicule and mocking. He had enough, just let’s him play.

  • Aaron

    @miniskull: I’m sure you’re right. I mean, Katie Couric asked him if he was covering for being gay on her ABC talk show. Obviously the only viewers of this show are gays and lesbians, and Katie is a lesbian herself for asking the question. Right? Since this accusation is just bullying on the part of the LGBT community…

  • Dot Beech

    @Avenger: Oh, please. He’s doing everything he can to attract as much favorable publicity as he can get. If he wants to live privately, I’m all for it. Go live privately. However, he’s not doing that. With Notre Dame’s assistance, he has willingly made a public spectacle of himself and has invited public comment. Some of it inevitably will not be favorable. He can always stop making his business public, but he hasn’t.

  • Michael

    @Avenger…if you consider this trifle to be harrassment, you must have lived an extraordinarily easy life, free of any legitimate struggle. While that might be good for you, your opinion, as a result, holds little value.

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