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Just How Far Will 90210 Take Trevor Donovan’s Sexual Conquests?

When we posted the photo spread titled “How Trevor Donovan Will Drive the 90210 Girls Crazy,” we meant to say “90210 Boys.” Because that’s just what the chiseled former A&F model is going to do when his character Teddy Montgomery goes gay this upcoming season. But producers didn’t just want to hand viewers a homo; they wanted to launch a whole coming out storyline.

Executive producer Rebecca Sinclair says that when Teddy was introduced, they didn’t know they’d turn him fey. And now that they are? They wanted “to play a coming out story that features a kid we already knew. Instead of his sexuality being the first and defining characteristic, we’ve already gotten a chance to know Teddy before he explores his sexuality. Teddy’s an athlete, he’s a famous guy’s son, he’s blonde and hunky and yes, he also has a sexual orientation and that’s a huge part of his life. In a lot of ways I think that’s more interesting than Teddy is a gay athlete, a gay famous guy’s son and a blonde and hunky gay gentleman.”

Is this the elusive “straight-acting, masculine teen jock” (Donovan is in his, ahem, 30s) television character we’ve been hoping for having had our fill of Kurts, Marshalls, and Justins? Sure! But same “struggling to come to terms with oneself” plot development, says Sinclair: “As a top-tier athlete and the son of a famous—and famously womanizing—actor, Teddy has always felt the need to keep up appearances. He’s had trouble reconciling the image that the world has of him with his own true sense of self. And he’s worked hard to repress whatever homosexual feelings he’s had. But early on in this season, something shakes up the structure of his life. With stability and routine out the window, he has trouble repressing who he really is. He acts impulsively and ends up hooking up with a guy. So it’s less of an epiphany than an impulsive act that sets things in motion.”

My only question: If the new 90210 series opened with a blowjob in car parked outside the high school (that’s what happened, right?), and the series has been free to show all the opposite-sex pairings take things into the bedroom, will The New Gay get the same treatment?