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  • Mark

    “Did they buy a bunch of ads or something?”

    Hmm – just when I was going to comment they had to pay you to promote this. Perez and Willam. I tell you, my price for watching it would be quite high.

  • QJ201

    Meh, don’t watch these made up awards. Actually ONLY watch RuPaul’s shows on Logo, other than that, nothing worth watching on the Bravo/Lifetime mashup channel. One Girl, 5 Gays= cable access dreck.

  • Mark

    I only watch Ru’s show, too, and it certainly wasn’t for Willam. Really – with Sharon Needles practically stealing each show (and certainly heavily featured in every preview online of the next show) with her one-liners, Willam is the “addictive star” of that show? Hardly believable.

  • Jason

    Perez H. is a bully.

  • Jennifer

    Perez H is NOT a Gay!!Supporter!!! (and yes I know He says Hes Gay but have you ever seen Him with a man?) Have anyone of yall read the posts He alows on His sight to be more spacific the HATE post to Gays?? Well He does and hes just a piece of nothing as far as the vast majority of people think

  • Frederick

    @ Mark-I love Sharon Needles, too, but Willam was definitely a force to be reckoned with on Drag Race. Personally, I hope Willam returns in tonight’s episode of the show; he was egotistical, but that was part of his persona (not to mention, besides Kenya, he was the prettiest and-unlike Kenya- one of the most talented queens on Drag Race this season.)

  • Mark

    @Frederick: Oh Kenya is coming back you could predict from the letter segment in UnTucked. You know, when she was eliminated and wrote a letter to the remaining queens that PhiPhi read. Very critical of everybody but PhiPhi. I’d be shocked if it was anybody but.

  • ousslander

    who is Novak Djokovic? The number one tennis player in the world and one of the sexiest.

  • TedSmitts

    If Willam wins, we get to find out what he did.

  • Susan G

    It’s SETH McFarlane!

  • hotshot70

    From what I understand, Willam was DISQUALIFIED, which means he CANNOT win. I think Kenya will return. Wish it was Alissa Summers. We barely got to see her (and he looked HOT as a boy!)

  • terry

    WTH is that piece of excrement PH doing on this show? Or any show for that matter? Don’t they care about their reputation.

  • adamfan

    So excited Adam Lambert is performing this year. Also looking forward to Kelly Osborn hosting.

  • Carlton W

    Perez Hilton is nothing but a bully.

  • Eriskay

    Will watch Adam performing. Perez H is a wee shite!

  • missedgle

    OMG, Willam is just delicious just love her and Miss Needles is just as magnificent,If these’s girls comes to Dallas. I will go out and support them,even thought I hate clubs here latley my new Man been draging me to the clubs.Dallas loves U Willam oxoxoxo

  • Ty

    at least no Glee crap this time around

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