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Just How Many Local Groups Does Cleve Jones Have? … Marriage for Portugal En Route

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→ Cleve Jones has no idea how many Equality Across America groups are set up in the nation’s federal congressional districts. Two hundred-ish?

→ Creationism might be under attack in the U.S., but it is thriving in Turkey.

→ Portugal’s new government promises gay marriage is a top priority.

→ What do Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage have in common? Besides their unconvincing attempts at heterosexuality? The innate need to splurge on ridiculous expensive material possessions.

Another Halloween gay bashing, with the college student victim wearing a drag outfit.

→ Ah, so this is why white is good and black is bad.

→ Who says “two of every kind” on Noah’s Ark meant opposite sex pairings?

→ Brad Walsh tells Arjan all about his new record.