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Just How Many Local Groups Does Cleve Jones Have? … Marriage for Portugal En Route

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→ Cleve Jones has no idea how many Equality Across America groups are set up in the nation’s federal congressional districts. Two hundred-ish?

→ Creationism might be under attack in the U.S., but it is thriving in Turkey.

→ Portugal’s new government promises gay marriage is a top priority.

→ What do Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage have in common? Besides their unconvincing attempts at heterosexuality? The innate need to splurge on ridiculous expensive material possessions.

Another Halloween gay bashing, with the college student victim wearing a drag outfit.

→ Ah, so this is why white is good and black is bad.

→ Who says “two of every kind” on Noah’s Ark meant opposite sex pairings?

→ Brad Walsh tells Arjan all about his new record.

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  • terrwill

    “The openly gay student, who was wearing
    a dress and carrying baby dolls
    for Halloween, was possibly targeted
    for the implications of his outfit” : Ya think???

  • terrwill

    Ok once I got past being a chuckle head for the opening words of that article, this is a historic event here…….This is probably one of the first incidents where the scumbags who did this can be prosecuted under the new Matthew Shephard act. Hopefully this act will be prosecuted and those seeking to mimic their actions may see that it is best to allow those to enjoy celebrating as they wish, and to think what ever the hell you want but when your thoughts make their way into actions, you will be held accountable…………..

  • Brian

    Cleve Jones has “no idea” how many “local groups” are set-up? Really? How dishonest. Why not just look at his own website?

    There are about 120 “stick-pins” on the map, representing about 65 Congressional Districts. That’s about 15% of the 435 Districts. But, all you had to do was give them your email and you became a District Leader. No kidding? To be a Regional Leader you simply need three email addresses.

    How many times do we have to endure Cleve’s bullshit?

    Equality Across America was Dead On Arrival. In the report he actually said the numbers were “fuzzy.” Fuzzy, indeed. The logic is fuzzy, too.

  • Josh

    I see from the EqualityAcrossAmerica website they have teamed up with ActOnPrinciples – the group that (remarkably) realized that the Dallas Principles were just a list of demands. Now they are looking for “actions,” because they don’t have any.

    ActOnPrinciples isn’t even worth a visit. It’s right our of the 60s. Demand. Demand. Demand. Rinse and repeat.

  • Mr. Garrison

    I’m declaring shenanigans on Cleve and his EqualityAcrossAmerica.

    When will this never-ending-nightmare end?

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