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Just How Much Will GOP Lawmakers Rationalize the Tea Party’s F- and N-Word Usage?

In addition to Massachusetts’ Rep. Barney Frank being called a “faggot” yesterday by Tea Party activists at the Capitol, there was Georgia’s Rep. John Lewis being called a “nigger.” Now will the GOP try to rationalize this disgusting name calling?

Mostly, no. Smart Republican lawmakers, who have thus far been engaging in the Liz Cheney Method of neither insulting nor outright supporting Tea Partiers, are distancing themselves from the remarks. And then there’s California’s Rep. Devin Nunes, a Republican, who wants to reserve everyone’s First Amendment right to engage in hate speech.

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  • David Ehrenstein

    They’ll rationalize to their last racist, homophobic breath.

  • a


    WE NEED TO STOP hiding behind “N-WORD” AND “F-WORD” as it masks pain induced by these words.

    Also, in the video Rep. Becerra said “maybe it was a slip of the tongue”. Basically, people say things they don’t really mean. I call BS on that. When someone uses “nigger” or “faggot” they mean what they say and they say what they mean

  • jeffree

    Name calling & saying nasty mean words are sure signs that you’ ve run out of rational arguements! That means u have nothing intelligent 2 say and u r left with 2nd grade playground world because all sense of the rational escapes u !!!!

    Lets just pretend we r adults now, ok, please !!

  • Cam

    A friend of mine said he thought there was a dangerous undercurrent of racism in the tea party/Anti-Obama movement. I told him that I didn’t agree and that it was a bunch of people who were a bit spoiled after winning elections for a decade and were having a bit of a temper tantrum spurred on by people like Glenn Beck etc… I called him the other day and told him “You were right.”

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