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Just How Will Seventeen Apologize For Scaring Girls Away From Trans Guys?


Just because South Park turned down GLAAD’s request to admit to being insensitive to homos doesn’t mean all media are opting to ignore Jarrett Barrios & Co. Enter Seventeen, which had no idea just how mean it was being to transgender people!

The magazine’s article that painted transgender men who date biological women as scary liars looking to deceive Seventeen‘s sweet and innocent readership was, in fact, insensitive, agree editors there. After meeting with GLAAD last week, Seventeen says it’ll respond to readers who wrote in complaining abuot the article, and may update its World Wide Web site blogpage tweet FB digg-er thing with an apology.

Relays GLAAD with glee:

In Wednesday’s meeting, the editors – including Jessica Press, who directly edited the piece in question, and Editor in Chief Ann Shoket – expressed their sincere regret about the problematic portions of the coverage. They explained that in trying to stay as true to Sheri’s story as possible, they had not considered the necessity of discussing transgender issues, or the common uncertainty transgender people face in deciding when and how to safely and respectfully share their who they are with romantic partners, because Sheri had not used the word transgender in relating her own experience to them. They also expressed regret for using a sidebar to compare Sheri’s story to lurid and unrelated break-up stories.

And in the next issue of Seventeen, girls will share their horror stories about taking their best male drama club friends to the prom, only to discover they were lying to them over how pretty they looked!

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  • terrwill

    If a trans lies and hides the fact that they don’t have the correct anatomical parts to play doctor with they deserve any and all the problems that comes upon discovery, A PROBLEM THEY IN FACT CREATED.

    Its shit like this that once again causes the actual Gay community problems. I don’t try and hit on a girl and then say “suprise I’m Gay!!” Trans people need to be upfront upon the first meeting and stop playing the victim. The fact that they are transgendered is a huge piece of information that needs to be discussed upfront at the very beginning of a relationship. If the person can deal with it, great..good luck and hopefully you live happily ever after. If not then say goodby and move on.

    This is one of the issues that trans people should be well aware of having to deal with prior to making the change. If its something they are not comfortable being upfront with the maybe they really shouldn’t make a permanent change……….Once again your actions have negative impact on the natural born Gay and Lesbian community………

  • Brendan

    Terrwill: You may want to adjust yourself… your bigotry is hanging out.

  • Brendan

    Terrwill: You may want to adjust yourself… your bigotry and transphobia are hanging out.

  • terrwill

    BRENDAN: Please explain your post, which was so important to you that you needed to post twice. My message was pretty clear. If you are trans and don’t tell potential partners about a major part of your life, you are a liar. Simple there is no way you can spin it any different. Any relationship that starts off with a lie is doomed from the start.

    Trans people should be well aware of this issue prior to making any plumbing changes. And if your claiming that my pointing that these issues caures problems for the Gay community at large you are 100% wrong.

    The Gay community has enough problems I am sick and tired of the trans community causing additional problems thru deception and lies which adds to the homophobia and hate towards the Gay community. Again if you are not 100% comofortable in the new skin you are going to inhabit, and are not prepared to deal with the issues that arise as a result of the change in an honest and non deceptive way. don’t make any changes to your existing skin
    I am sick and tired of the trans commmunity creating issues such as decieving people as to who they exactaly are, not being able to decide on which freaking bathroom to piss in and then claiming they are the victims of discrimination.

  • Jon B

    Ummm… Terrwill, you go too far at the end there, but I sort of have to agree with parts of what you said. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with what Seventeen published. We always play ourselves as the victims, however, oftentimes we overlook the victimisation that we inflict. I can’t imagine that it would be easy to be a girl, dating a dude for a while, and then have him come out as gay; It must be terrible and humiliating. I can imagine dating a dude only to reach into his pants and find a vagina. However fine I am with being friends with trans folk, I wouldn’t want that surprise; I’d feel lied to and tricked. That is all Seventeen magazine was saying. It’s become BS what we complain about these days. It takes away from legitimate arguments we want to make nationally. GLAAD is becoming the gay version of the boy who cried wolf.

  • Dee

    Good post, rotten comments.

  • Fitz

    False advertising is bs, and it’s not ok no matter how good the trans community is at playing the victim.

  • terrwill

    FITZ: Thank you, I have been fighting this battle solo for a while now on these threads………….

  • Alexander

    @Terrwill “Once again your actions have negative impact on the natural born Gay and Lesbian community………”

    Natural born? I hardly think gays and lesbians are more “pure” than the trans community. Transgendered people are literally born the wrong gender, it’s not some freaky whim that they decide to take too far.

    Also, I sympathize with both parties in this story. The boy simply wants to live his life without having to sit down with EVERYONE he meets and having the “trans” conversation. Should he have had the bits-and-pieces discussion with his girlfriend, before they got down to it? Absolutely. However, this one poor decision on his part isn’t a referendum on those “sneaky” transgendered.

  • YellowRanger

    Trans folks have become genuine artistes when it comes to playing the victim card.

    If they fail to disclose that they were born a different gender, it’s definitely not shady, or lying, or anything; you’re just a close-minded bigot. If you dare to criticize transgendered people who fail to disclose it, yup, bigot. If you enjoy your buttsex and want to date a man who has a fully functioning set of male genitals, well shit, you’re a transphobic bigot; personal preference be damned.

  • naghanenu

    I kinda agree with Terriwill,

    A trans should always be upfront. I know you like to believe that after some operations and hormones treatment u are a man or woman and that’s all nice and wonderful, but until you get the plumbing its best to tell the people ur with or intend to be with. To avoid rude surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because if a man/girl dates a man/girl they would like it to be a man/girl. Now some people dont mind dating transsexuals but the majority still have issues with it.


  • pantherq

    Sounds like it was a propaganda move by the homophobes. Tied right into some election scare mongering as well. Liberal media is another one of the lies the spew so well.

  • pantherq

    For those that want us to constantly out ourselves, what is it to you. If you are interested in someone are you going to reject them because of their parts. Do you bring a tape measure to your dates?

    Either you are attracted to someone or you are not, your own hang ups are just that your hang ups.

    This from someone that has passed since childhood, well before transgender was something I understood.

  • def

    A trans person should never have to out themselves. They can tell who they want, but they should be never feel forced to out themselves. This is an issue that trans people should handle themselves on a case to case basis. Trans people are not liars or deceivers just because they don’t disclose the shape of their bits on the first date. It’s generally a very delicate issue to them. They don’t need hate from a community that claims to champion their rights as well. It’s LGBT. You people are just as insensitive to anything that doesn’t directly affect you as “Seventeen” is. I’d expect more understanding from gay people on this issue.

  • FutureGays

    Dear Ignorant Homosexual/Heteronormative Men,

    We are here to replace your generation full of self loathing, self pity, self righteousness, racism, unawareness, and your shocking inability to move beyond the gender binary. You will be but a sentence in the history books.

    Future Gays

  • Kian

    Hello YellowRanger, Terrwill, Naghanenu: I see you’re back for some more spewing of anti-trans sentiments. Did you happen to notice that the article posted and the commentary by Queerty are the opposite of what you are saying? Do you see the disconnect and that fact that you feel the need to come here every time there is a trans article is proof of your definite transphobia.

    Calling me a liar doesn’t MAKE me a liar, it just calls my credibility into question, which I suspect is your actual agenda. Because if I am branded a liar, everyone will question my judgement based on this heresay. Add to the mix that as a trans person, my life is woefully misunderstood, I must now defend myself and prove that I am authentic and real. At this point, I get called out for “playing the victim” and pretending and get further marginalized for reinforcing a negative stereotype that trans people have an agenda. This is how you work and why your arguments don’t fly with people who aren’t transphobic. They can also see the trickery and the fact that your sole agenda is to make trans people look bad.

    If anyone is a liar, it is you three. Congratulations.

  • billyboy


    Homonormativity is the assimilation of heteronormative ideals and constructs into homosexual culture and individual identity. Homonormativity upholds neoliberalism rather than critiquing monogamy, procreation and binary gender roles as heterosexist and racist.[18]
    Homonormativity fragments the GLBTQ community into hierarchies of worthiness. GLBTQ people that come the closest to mimicking heteronormative standards of gender identity are deemed most worthy of receiving rights. GLBTQ individuals at the bottom of the hierarchy (Transsexuals, Transvestites, Intersex, non-gender identified, queer individuals) are seen as an impediment to this elite class of homonormative individuals receiving their rights.[19]

  • terrwill

    BILLYBOY: What BIG words you write down!! I am so damm sick of the trans-patrol who feel these people can do no wrong. The simple gist of my post is that it is WRONG TRY AND PASS AS A NATURAL BORN MEMBER OF A SEX WHEN IN FACT YOU ARE NOT.

    FUTUREGAY, BILLYBOY: learn some shit in the present. My best friend was leaving a bar and eight sub human scumbags savaged him with baseball bats, they broke every bone in his body, crushed his testicles, and attempted to ram one of the bats up his ass. He lingered for six days in a coma before dying. He was 19 years old. The nicest most genuine person you could ever meet. I am real sensitive to anything that can incite a subhuman scumbag to harm any memnber of the Gay community. By purposly lying to a person about your true gender you contribute to the anti-Gay sentiment that doesn’t take a whole lot to set off some of these lunatics. By these trans attempting to “fool” someone and then yelling “suprise” they contribute to this shit! Sorry you pull that shit and you get no sympathy from me. Take you lying bullshit somewhere else. Don’t try to piggyback from the legitimat Gay rights struggle……………

  • jason

    Women’s magazines are amongst the most moronic publications on the planet. They’re beholden to the vanity industries, their pages being filled with ads from cosmetics and fashion firms. There is this prevailing theme of “be sexy”. No wonder so many women are screwed up these days in terms of self-esteem and body image.

  • jason

    Gay men’s magazines aren’t far behind the women’s magazines in terms of the moron factor. Like the women’s rags, there is this prevailing theme of “be sexy”. Every man looks like Adonis with a six-pack. No wonder many gay men are screwed up mentally.

  • naghanenu

    Body image has nothing to do with this….

    The issue is do you have all the attributes to be the sex u are trying to be…Im a girl..yes i have boobs and yes i have a vagina..the very basic. There is no mistaking it.

    If you are chick and you have boobs but a penis…then you are a transsexual..I dont care how soft you look or how well the hormones are working a chick is a chick and a guy is a guy.

    If you are straight you are dating someone of the opposite sex. If you are gay you are dating someone of the same sex.

    If you are dating a person whi identifies as straight and you are not actually a person of the opposite sex (that is, you do not have the complete organs) I dont care how you feel..BE UPFRONT.

    The person may not want a relationship with a trans and will feel lied to or betrayed if you dont be upfront…how hard can this be??????? Why is everything about bigotry when it is not.

  • naghanenu

    Oh and i am not a transphobic person…i just hate the victim bs they enjoy spewing….its annoying.

    If y’all are honest from the get go…we wont have an article in 17 now would we??????

  • terrwill

    BILLYBOY: did you learn the big words on that site? Sorry boy but the world is not all one big kumbya hug around. The actions described in that article have a direct negative impact on the Gay community. Defend the trans and their negative behaviour all you want. When you are hit hard by anti-Gay acts you too will feel that those who’s actions contribute to it do not deseve any defending nor shelter from the Gay community. And if you feel they do maybe you might want to book some time from a therapist yourself because you really do have some issues that need to be adressed……………

  • jimmy

    If I ordered a big o’ bratwurst and someone sent me a tofu hot dog, I’d be pissed off too.

  • terrwill

    JIMMY: stop being so “trans-phobic”!!! :-P You are infringing on their sense of entitlement to run rampart thru the Gay community not giving a shit about the consequences of their acts…….

  • Fitz

    I don’t think it’s transphobic to think that in a dating situation you should be honest about being trans. When you call EVERYTHING that you don’t like phobic, your words loose meaning. I don’t think every trans person needs to wear a sign saying “Hi, I am trans”.. but a dating situation is entirely different. If you can’t see that, then I don’t know what to say to you.

  • billyboy

    Terrwill, so basically what you’re saying is that to live a fear based existence is our only option and we must appease the straight world to be acceptable and that in fact, transgender people are freaks. And because they are so far in left field on the “normal” scale we must keep them separate from “us”. Wow. Got it. You probably put “masculine straight acting jock” on your manhunt profile, too. Good luck fitting in. When you wake up and realize you’re a fudgepacker, I dare you to march in the streets in pride. You promote the same crap that kept gay people oppressed for so many years.

  • pantherq

    nag ask’s “If y’all are honest from the get go…we wont have an article in 17 now would we???”

    You are right they would be dead.

    Brandon Teena ring a bell?
    How about that little baby in L.A. shot by his classmate last year?

    You don’t realize the very attitude you espouse hurts you. That the possibility that the person you are interested in doesn’t have genitalia that matches your preconceived notions of what genitalia is ‘supposed’ to look like terrifies you?

    Is your identity as a gay man so weak that being attracted to me is a threat to it?

    I’m glad I left the closet long ago why are you shoving me back in with your hate?

  • terrwill

    BILLYBOY: Only because you are so far off target, I am going to get a little personal with you…….. Guess what? You hit the nail on the head with what I would put in a profile, (‘cept the jock part). And believe it or not many times my first time in a Gay bar, I get questioned as to the authtencity of my “Gayness” because of it. As to realizing I am a fudgepacker, I was 8 before I was 7 (do the math) There was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to play with the boy parts not the girl parts. I don’t feel the need to swish and sashay my being around to announce to the world that The Queen Me has docked. However I accept every Gay person for who they are. I have dated some very efffiminate guys. If I am attracted to them and they have something besides air between their ears I always say nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have belonged to Gay organizations, worked in Gay bars, and yes Billy marched proudly in many Gay pride parades. Ok am I now allowed in your Gay club?????

    If you bothered to read my posts about trans people it is because of my background that I am what some consider “anti-trans”. I have a simple fouumla to decide ones sexuality:


    When I see trans couples interviewed (ala Chas Bono) and they declare “they are a straight couple” guess what?? You consider yourself straight?? You aren’t allowed in my Gay club.

    When you are a trans person who employs deception and lying to decieve someone into thinking you are completley opposite of what you actually are, and by doing so makes it difficult for others in the Gay commmunity, You aren’t allowed in my Gay club.
    Why?? because when any group engages in behaviour which has a negative effect on others you have no right to identify with that group. I feel that too many trans people simply do not have their heads in the right place and make incorrect decisions on a fairly major decision in life. And there is no big “reveal” that trans people encounter after the change in which they suddenly discover that people are going to have problems with their new identity. If you aren’t going to be totally comfortable in your new skin, dont get into it. Don’t them act in ways that give people more reasons to hate on the Gays. Too many trans play “hide and seek” with their new parts. If you can’t accept that you are going to have to be totally upfront with EVERYONE you are going to potentially get involved with, you are not ready for any change.

    As I explained above my best friend and first kind of boyfriend was beaten to death (not someone who was “involved in a hate crime” as persons in these threads have stated) simply because he was Gay. I have zero tolerance for any one claiming a place under the Gay umbrella who’s actions contribute to making lunatic sub human scumbags act out their issues on innocent Gays. I really don’t see why you can have an issue with my stand on this isssue.

    Too many trans people are so damm quick to pull out the victim card when they themselves are the one who dealt themselves that hand………………

  • pantherq

    Terrwill it is so amazing it is like you are the exact replica of every negative gay stereotype that has ever been pulled out of a fundamentalists ass.

    It is almost like you are made up.

  • Kropotkin

    lolz. So Anita Bryant is trolling queerty disguised as a gay/lesbian sockpuppet to bash trans people now? That’s about the only way I can explain these comments here.

    Notice that there’s like three people sitting there agreeing with you guys out of all of the traffic and comments that Queerty receives. Enjoy your echo chamber boys.

  • terrwill

    Everytime there is a thread regarding the trans community its same exact playbook you guys/girls? start playing. Someone makes a correct and intelligent statement:


    There is no intelligent person who can argue anyway that the above statement is not correct. Yet as usual the trans community resorts to the exact same tatics that the lunatic right wing zealots do when confronted with facts which prove them wrong- They resort to name calling and slurs without ever even once admitting they behavior of memberS of their community is wrong and harmful. I am done attemting to reason with mindless zealots who care only for their own agenda. You have forced you cause into the greater Gay rights struggle and instead of appreciating those who have welcomed you, you condone behaviour which harms the community as a whole. Your community has thrown countless slurs to those who condemn the outright deceptive despicable behaviour some engage in and belittled the fact that my 19 year old friend was beaten to death equating that to your being harassed. As I stated before you always play the victim card, yet almost every time you deal your own hands………….

  • Distingué Traces

    Terrwill, so basically what you’re saying is that to live a fear based existence is our only option and we must appease the straight world to be acceptable

    Hiding who you are is based on fear.

    Lying is appeasement.

    To pass as something you are not — whether that’s your race, your sexuality, or your gender — is to collaborate with and reinforce the culture of shame that has its ultimate expression in violence.

    (At the same time, Terrwill does sound like kind of an asshole in this thread, with the “my gay club” shit and the shrill SENTENCES IN ALL-CAPS)

  • terrwill

    Distingué Traces: Dear Disgusting, thank you for validating my statement that you trans people only resort to name calling and casting slurs. And once again stop your twisted logic. Its not called “living in fear” its called not accepting who you are or became and then lying to unexpecting potential partners about a very important aspect of your life. I suggest you and your kind actually get a life……….Another vile, hate spewing, low life who can not defend a position without name calling………

  • Jadis

    Terrwill is a perfect example of why it was a huge mistake for trans people to have hooked up with the gay community. Gays and lesbians despise us, resent us and insist on policing our identity and behaviour with shameless double standards that they would never apply to themselves.

  • Jessica Sideways

    As a transwoman, I have to say that disclosure is important bit only because of safety issues. When I date someone, I don’t just come out and say that I am trans unless I think I have a really good chance of staying with the guy. I just want to be treated like the woman that I am and there is nothing fraudulent about that, regardless of what genitals I used to have!

  • Jessica Sideways

    Furthermore, when I date people presenting in my gender, I am not lying to anyone or attempting to deceive them. I do believe in disclosure but only as a matter of safety towards transpeople since there are a lot of violent people out there and transwomen could get hurt if some transphobic guy finds out he’s dating a transwoman.

    Being a transwoman, I do not want to have to “trans” conversation with each and every new dating prospect but I do disclose – especially before having sex with them. It helps to ensure a level of personal safety and security while remaining somewhat honest. Yes, I am trans. I am not ashamed of it but the first words out of my mouth when I meet someone new aren’t “Oh, by the way, I’m trans” and they shouldn’t be either.

  • Kropotkin

    “To pass as something you are not — whether that’s your race, your sexuality, or your gender — is to collaborate with and reinforce the culture of shame that has its ultimate expression in violence.”


    anti-oppression fail.

  • Strangesociety

    I think one thing people seem to be forgetting is that race and gender are social constructs. The definition of what it is to be “white” or “black” are created based on one or two minor differences in the genetic development in a person. Similarly, so is being born “male” or “female”. In fact, if you look at the development of a human, there is no strict binary development throughout life. Now, the question about transgendered people is whether sex itself is a social construct. Gender has to do with your clothing, playing with dolls vs trucks, but what about the fact that there is no significant difference between a man and a woman other than minor genetic differences? The fact is that in our society a girl playing with a truck will not be considered a boy, they will be considered a girl. A “strong woman” will never socially reach the level of a man because we label her as something different. Now this whole purpose of making everything binary is a power dynamic. So my feeling is that sex is a construct of society.

    Now as for this particular situation… It’s complicated (far more than anyone here I believe is making it). See, I don’t particularly care about what parts a person has. Quite frankly, I consider myself trans in the fact that I don’t consider myself to be either sex and I just role and dress how I feel. It does not matter if its female clothing or male clothing and quite frankly I mix and match. Now with that in mind, I believe that given the way I envision society in many years from now, it quite frankly won’t have to be said because it should not be an issue. It should be a neutral thing where we don’t say anything about it. However, given our societal nature now, I think any person that you are going to be with for an extended period of time; someone you truly love and will love in a sexual manner has the right to know information about you. I am not implying a bar pickup has to know this detail, but if you are with someone for a few months and are considering sexual relations with them… it might be nice to tell them, not as a necessity, but out of courtesy to someone that you love and care for who may be ingrained in this binary dynamic. Yes, this may lead to some difficulties, but that is because much of our society, including much of the gay community has difficulty letting go of the power dynamic as seen through Terriwill and through the “man/girl” comment made by naghanenu. Terriwill’s comments speak for themselves about the fact that he sees the need for people to be “in their right place” when people probably say the same thing about him and his friend all the time (a little hypocritical if you ask me to not defend other people in a similar situation to your own especially considering that the stereotypes about homosexuals go far beyond transgendered people and are more associated historically with communists, women’s equality and sexual deviance from the 1950’s gender and racial norms). As for the man/girl comment. Men and Girls being put as equal characters shows a subtle sign of sexism. Its typically used as either Men and Women or Boys and Girls, and while this may seem like nitpicking, there is a reason the issue of having Wonder Woman was important when all the other female heroes had been Batgirl, Supergirl etc… but anyway…. my point is that its complicated and there are histories that need to be looked at in this case. My advice to people who agree with Terriwill is that they need to take a little bit of a history lesson into their own beliefs and realize that transgendered people are not their enemy and pushing them down does not prop you up in anyway.

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