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Just How Will Seventeen Apologize For Scaring Girls Away From Trans Guys?


Just because South Park turned down GLAAD’s request to admit to being insensitive to homos doesn’t mean all media are opting to ignore Jarrett Barrios & Co. Enter Seventeen, which had no idea just how mean it was being to transgender people!

The magazine’s article that painted transgender men who date biological women as scary liars looking to deceive Seventeen‘s sweet and innocent readership was, in fact, insensitive, agree editors there. After meeting with GLAAD last week, Seventeen says it’ll respond to readers who wrote in complaining abuot the article, and may update its World Wide Web site blogpage tweet FB digg-er thing with an apology.

Relays GLAAD with glee:

In Wednesday’s meeting, the editors – including Jessica Press, who directly edited the piece in question, and Editor in Chief Ann Shoket – expressed their sincere regret about the problematic portions of the coverage. They explained that in trying to stay as true to Sheri’s story as possible, they had not considered the necessity of discussing transgender issues, or the common uncertainty transgender people face in deciding when and how to safely and respectfully share their who they are with romantic partners, because Sheri had not used the word transgender in relating her own experience to them. They also expressed regret for using a sidebar to compare Sheri’s story to lurid and unrelated break-up stories.

And in the next issue of Seventeen, girls will share their horror stories about taking their best male drama club friends to the prom, only to discover they were lying to them over how pretty they looked!