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Just In Case You’re Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day In Dublin This Year

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, we’re sort of loving this guide to Ireland’s gay scene. “Irish people are known for their gift of gab and you will notice that when you strike up a conversation. They love to chat with strangers. There is seldom a hidden agenda, just a natural curiosity about other people.” We read sentences like this all the time in guidebooks, where the locals are described as if they are animals at the zoo.

“While you won’t be greeted at a gay bar in Dublin by someone peering at you through a slit in the door, you may notice a small vestige from the underground days,” the write up continues. “Unless you are very obviously gay or a familiar face, you will probably be asked by a doorman if you were aware that you were entering a gay bar.” Well, this is the price you pay for being a bromosexual: Mistaken for straight even among your own kind. It’s the unluck of the Irish, we hear.