Just Kidding! Gay Rugby Hunk Gareth Thomas Says Tom Hardy Won’t Play Him, Rourke Still Committed

Remember we told you semi-bisexual actor Tom Hardy might play gay ex-rugby star Gareth Thomas, because Mickey Rourke had decided he was too old to bulk up to play Thomas? Turns out the tabloid who reported that was lying.

Said Thomas to UK Press Association:

“Any notion that Mickey is giving up on the role are way off the mark. We’d love Tom Hardy to be involved, but he will not be playing me.

“I teamed up with Mickey because in my opinion there’s nobody better to take on such a challenging role and nothing has changed there. He’s so motivated by the role it’s blown me away.

“I’m an ex-rugby player, films are Mickey’s world and I totally trust in his vision for the film.”

Damn. We kind of wanted to see Hardy get super built for a rugby role. Perhaps he could relax his rules on bottoming and play Thomas’ gay lover?

Photo via Out

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  • Uppity

    I really hope Mickey Rourke comes to his senses. That he thinks he can play Gareth Thomas is beyond ridiculous. He’s too old and too surgically altered. Rourke is deluded and Thomas is starstruck. A great choice would be Chris Hemsworth.

  • Eric in Chicago

    BOOO! Rourke is too old, too ugly, too full of plastic surgery to play this role. HARDY would be perfect. Let Rourke play a coach

  • Hephaestion

    Rourke is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old for this role. This is insane!
    Rourke is even too old to play Gareth Thomas’ father.

  • fagburn

    Maybe you shouldn’t just reprint silly stories from British tabloids without checking them then…

    PS The film doesn’t seem to exist either.

  • ea orourke

    WAAAAAAAAY TOO OLD IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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