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Just Like Attending a Tracy Morgan Stand-Up Show, Being Gay Is a Choice


Spike Lee, John Singleton and Jane Krakowski were not among those who fled their seats when Tracy Morgan’s Carnegie Hall show turned from funny to offensive, at least according to those who made for the exits. Including some who were offended when Morgan called homosexuality a choice. Boooo!

Lines like these didn’t go over well on Friday night: “Obama is really changing the White House, because he and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out.” Neither did his reenactment of certain sex acts.

That is, apparently, the major raunch the 30 Rock star unleashed. And when he had the audacity to claim you being gay was at your will? It “drew gasps,” relays Gatecrasher.

Does Morgan really believe that? Who knows! The man is a comic! And an offensive one at that. But we all knew this. Despite playing a toned down version of himself on a NBC sitcom, Morgan has always crossed lines during his stand-up routines. He says these things for the specific purpose of scoring wide eyes and dropped jaws.

And if he actually does feel that way about The Gayness? We’re sure Morgan’s new co-star Cheyenne Jackson will school him.

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  • An Other Greek

    it’s a choice for him…

    says a lot…


  • Kieren

    He’s an idiot. He isn’t funny. He’s the one reason I don’t watch 30 Rock.

  • scott ny'er

    oh good lord. Tracy Morgan. Rarely funny, like SNL. Why does he even exist?

    Never liked him. Only considered him because Kathy Griffin mentioned a funny bit he did. But, now back to NOT liking him.

  • Andrew W

    He should have played it safe and called us ‘fags’. I’m told that’s just plain funny!

  • giovanni

    Morgan is funny as hell at times but clearly his last stand up act was not one of them. I like him and find him charming so hopefully he will be schooled and cut that particular bit of nonsense out.

  • romeo

    30 Rock is more or less literate for a TV comedy, and guess who’s always a significant part of the audience for that kind of show. It’s hanging on by a thread, though.

    Way to go, Trace.

  • anonymous

    it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a) he said being gay is a choice and that b) spike lee, john singleton, and Jane Krakowski didn’t leave.

    the black community is extremely homophobic.

    krakowski probably thought that she was supporting morgan, which is a bad choice.

  • Brian

    This helps prove why we lost Prop 8. Those Christian beliefs.

  • Synnerman

    Oh Anonymous, this tired old tread. I didn’t see this crap about Maine.

  • RJ

    Tracy Morgan makes a living out of saying crazy politically incorrect things. This has been a fact since Tracy Morgan first opened his mouth. So for people to get their panties in a twist because tracy morgan said ridiculous things is not news.

  • Bill

    While I don’t think that being BLACK is a choice, I do feel that being in ignorant nigger IS.

  • mojojojo

    Just another example of the rampant homophobia of the black community!

  • RJ


    Awesome! Fight hate with hate. Two wrongs always make a right.

  • Tyler

    I’ve never heard of Tracy Morgan and why does his opinion matter on anything. Tracy is primarily known as a girls name so perhaps he’s been teased about that his whole life. He sounds like a dumb f**k though.

  • SteamPunk

    “The man is a comic! And an offensive one at that… He says these things for the specific purpose of scoring wide eyes and dropped jaws”

    Agreed. Who really knows if he believes that? What I do know is that he’s similar to Bob Sagat: He goes for the jokes that will make people the most uncomfortable. And, like Sagat, his crude stand-up may be a way to distance him from the PG-version everyone knows from television.

    Also worth noting is that even Ricky Gervais even made offensive jokes about gays that week: “Why not let gays marry? We let them do everything else!” And then, Gervais mimicked a gay man giving about 15 hand jobs.

  • giovanni

    @ Bill

    Be the change you wish to see in the world. Your hatred is despicable.

  • scott ny'er

    interesting that instead of commenting on tracy being an ass, posters deride other posters.

    while what bill said isn’t cool, really, let’s get our priorities straight here.

  • giovanni

    “while what bill said isn’t cool, really, let’s get our priorities straight here.”

    As a gay man of color where should my priorities lay after “nigger” is detonated?

  • giovanni

    and “isn’t cool” is quite the understatement but then I guess it depends on your priorities.

  • Cam

    Of COURSE he thinks/hopes being gay is a choice…..most closet cases do.

  • scott ny'er


    point taken. But then aren’t you more a black man who happens to be gay?

  • Lex

    We’re all men who happen to be gay. Why should racial slurs be hurled around and how do they solve homophobia anywhere?

  • Jane

    No one is born gay. Stop subscribing to faulty identity politics.

  • romeo

    Oh Jane, Jane, plenty of research now, and it’s not running your way. So why don’t you just deal with it and leave that nice gay guy you’re so hot for alone.

  • jai

    Jane, no one is born bigoted and stupid, they are TAUGHT. Obviously you were an apt student.

    Always amazes me to see such beautiful, innocent children, with their open eyes, minds, and hearts, and realize just how quickly they are filled with disdain and hurt aimed at anyone not “like them”, as they are taught, as if their “them” is the only way to exist.

    Damned fucking shame and certainly not what any Creator had in mind.

    I was going to say you need to take a vow of silence but it’s actually better to know just what you’re up against than to have it leap out of the dark, unsuspected.

    Tracy is not all that funny, and going for the tried and true easy shot just showcases that he has so little ability that he has to use such means to achieve what he does get.

  • jai

    Ah, but Jane, apparently one can be born a bitch.

  • Cam

    Really Jane? And you know this how? And, lets pretend for a second that you are right…..well nobody is BORN religious either, so are you saying that religious identity shouldn’t be protected? Either way you lose. Maybe you should get together with Dick and go skipping off to wherever it is judgemental holier than thou angry bigots come from…..Oh thats right Provo.

  • scott ny'er


    they shouldn’t. But this thread was about a gay slur not. And some other poster decides to haul out a racial slur and that’s so peeps start deriding this thread and going off about that. And the gay slur becomes less important or not important at all.

    if it was a thread on some other forum and it was talking about a racial slur and then someone said “faggot” or a gay slur, would these same peeps pop in and deride the thread about don’t say faggot, etc. Or would the racial slur take precedence and continue in that frame.

    here’s what I would’ve done:
    tracy shouldn’t haven’t said that, he’s an ass, and at the poster who said the “n” word, that’s effed up.

    but what was done instead, it was all about the “n” word.

  • scott ny'er

    my correction… the 1st sentence should’ve finished with and not a racial slur.

  • christopher di spirito

    Never heard of him.

  • natt

    The only reason anyone has heard of Tracy Morgan is due to Tina Fey’s adoration of him. For some reason she thinks he’s a comedy genius.

  • Robert, NYC

    Jane is such a dumb bitch! Ignore the ignorant cunt!

  • dallasdude

    Hey, Jane, hanging around gay web sites is a choice, too. Got dick? And as far as Tracy Morgan being a comic – ummmm, since when? I’ve never seen a single funny moment involving him OR his annoying speech impediment.

  • Helga von ornstein

    Well, Demond Wilson (Sanford and Son) tried a stand-up comedy stint in Las Vegas that was cancelled after the second night because he decided since the audience wouldn’t laugh at his jokes he would take his frustration out on the audience.

    Another mediocre comedian bites the dust.

  • Sydney

    Morgan is hilarious.
    But, you know, it’s his opinion. Why should we freak out and shun him? I’m still going to watch 30 Rock every week.

  • Skip

    I was there. The tone of the gay bit was definitely more serious than the other jokes he was telling. I think he said if he found out his son was gay, he’d kill himself. He clearly isn’t comfortable with homosexuality. It was a kind of tense few moments during the show – it brought the mood down because it was like he stopped telling jokes and started on “I don’t like gay people,” but not in a humorous way. It was very strange. It lasted maybe five minutes, and then he moved on. It wasn’t like a comic “rant,” it was literally like he just broke out of the routine – there was no humor or jokes whatsoever. Really weird, and totally opposite Ricky Gervais, who was at Carnegie Hall the night before and did a whole bit about how ridiculous it is that gays can’t get married.

  • Sebs

    i wouldn’t choose to be black

  • tjr101

    WOW… comments to this article is full example of there being very racists gays. And these fools want equality.

  • mb00

    This Jane person is a drag queen that has a tired old blog and is making what he thinks are “SHOCKING” statements.
    Jane honey, you’re drag is so tired and it’s been done by a million others much much better so go back to your bedroom in your mom & dad’s house and play with your wet ‘n wild makeup and leave the intellectual dialogue to us grown ups. K.

  • mb00

    and oh yeah @ Bill…FUCK YOU.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Bill, you are a sick person, and I’ll pray for you.

  • romeo

    “Jane” is a drag queen? LMFAO !!!

    As for Morgan, take a look at that picture at the top, anybody was expecting more than a socially inept, badly behaved fool from that? The gay staff and artists at 30 Rock are obliged to honor the terms of their contracts, and they should, but he’s gone on record, so no gay people are obliged to interact with him beyond the strict wording of their contracts, especially if he attempts to use his power as one of the stars of the show to in any way compromise gay co-workers. In that case, the respective labor boards of whatever state, New York or California, the show is filmed in should be contacted regarding the producers. They are the ones who would be held accountable for a circumstance like that to continue.

    As for me, I certainly won’t watch 30 Rock again to see gay performers in the show having to acknowledge this nonentity’s existence.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Tracy Morgan is borderline retarded or drunk all the time, whichever it is…

  • romeo

    I vote for both.

  • pleabody

    Its polemic in a way. He isn’t funny to me, but there is something about him thats amusing. His believing gay is a choice is too simple to attack.

  • FirstBlackLaddieBrett1953

    Tracy Morgan,in addition to being about as funny as that spate of killer U.S weather this spring,typifies SNL’s pandering to racism,homophobia,xenophobia,misogyny and every other from of bigotry imagined by that 9in spite of Tina Fey) white frat boys’ club.Why should the modestly-talented,obviously narrow-minded Morgan,who assumed the Eddie Murphy cool-mean-
    spirited black comic role,break SNL’s toxic mold?

  • judybrowni

    Join the “Tina Fey, Fire homophobic Tracy Morgan” Facebook page:

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