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Just Like Attending a Tracy Morgan Stand-Up Show, Being Gay Is a Choice


Spike Lee, John Singleton and Jane Krakowski were not among those who fled their seats when Tracy Morgan’s Carnegie Hall show turned from funny to offensive, at least according to those who made for the exits. Including some who were offended when Morgan called homosexuality a choice. Boooo!

Lines like these didn’t go over well on Friday night: “Obama is really changing the White House, because he and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out.” Neither did his reenactment of certain sex acts.

That is, apparently, the major raunch the 30 Rock star unleashed. And when he had the audacity to claim you being gay was at your will? It “drew gasps,” relays Gatecrasher.

Does Morgan really believe that? Who knows! The man is a comic! And an offensive one at that. But we all knew this. Despite playing a toned down version of himself on a NBC sitcom, Morgan has always crossed lines during his stand-up routines. He says these things for the specific purpose of scoring wide eyes and dropped jaws.

And if he actually does feel that way about The Gayness? We’re sure Morgan’s new co-star Cheyenne Jackson will school him.

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