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Just Like Joe McElderry, A Twitter Hack Will Probably Out Ryan Seacrest At Some Point

Last year Joe McElderry won The X Factor. His song “The Climb” was played on a lot of radio stations. And he just came out as gay! Except, he’s not.

The latest victim of a Twitter hack, McElderry’s tweet “It’s been difficult living a lie for so many years” was a fake.

No longer confined to just sending out spam, hacked Twitter and Facebook accounts are now apt to falsely out you to your entire fan base!

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  • tazz602


  • Hilarious

    @tazz602: Read my mind.

  • Paschal

    @tazz602: He’s a really good singer. I’m Irish and loads of Irish people watch the X Factor, the U.K. equivalent of American Idol.

  • EdWoody

    I still think it’s entirely likely that he’s a big woolly woofter, just that somebody else jumped the gun in saying so, and he freaked cause he wasn’t ready. Don’t let’s have another Clay Aiken, please.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Although you shouldn’t judge and assume anyone is gay, and even though he has denied he is gay and said he is straight in a newspaper interview, he is blatantly a homo

  • scott ny'er

    rly? he’s not gay? i’d swear he was. meh. didn’t really think he should win x-factor anyway. I like Oly more.

  • CJ

    What is this obsession on speculating if ____ celebrity is gay or not? Let’s move on.

  • shanelle

    Is he a q-t?
    Yes! He hawt, he fine,
    but whether or not he’s gay or not? That’s nun o’ my busyness.
    Man still has talent, and should be judged by his talent, not his extra-curricular activities!

  • Hilarious

    No one “hacks” anything anymore. This isn’t 1996. The idea of brute forcing a twitter account just to post that a random person on a random reality show is gay is just plain silly. And well if he downloaded a keylogger then he has bigger problems than a twitter page.

    Like @EdWoody: said someone just jumped the gun and outed him or he outed himself prematurely and his handlers made him take it down.

    In Hollyweird you’re only supposed to come out to get your career off life support.

  • Adam

    Watched quite a bit of last year’s X Factor on YouTube. Joe McElderry is a great kid with an outstanding voice and oodles of personality. He comes from a super supportive family. Whether he is gay or not, I wish him well. It is his business and no one else’s, and in a better world, wouldn’t command a headline.

  • Edfu

    He’s totally adorable and extremely talented. He started “X Factor” as a total underdog and just improved exponentially with every episode, to win. I discovered him on YouTube because I was a fan of Danyl Johnson’s (who is definitely gay) at first and ended up watching all of Joe’s “X Factor” appearances.



    Miss Ryan Seacrest is soooo not Gay!! Why she even has a girlfriend now to prove it!!!

    Ps: Joe McLederry is welcome to our team any time!! :-p

  • Bubba

    Ryan Seacrest made 51 million dollars last year. For playing a closeted jerk. No wonder our country is in such trouble.

  • Sluggo2007

    Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have to come out. Everyone thinks he’s gay already, so why bother?

  • Evji108

    He’s totes adorbs – watch his audition on you tube. Clearly one of us, if he isn’t ready to come out yet, give him some time. He’s got a huge extended family that’s likely very conservative, they aren’t ready to admit their favorite son is a poofy poofter.

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