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‘And Just Like That’ season 2 tea! Plus, Liza Minnelli’s surprise Facebook post

A little birdie gave me some hints about what will happen in the second season of the HBO Max hit And Just Like That (the new chapter of Sex and The City), coming next year. Now that Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is dumping hubby to spend more time with nonbinary comic Che (Sara Ramirez), I hear that the show is going to go deep into their relationship. Lots of time will be spent on it — way more than on Charlotte second-guessing herself or Carrie having dreams of Big! What’s more, Miranda and Che’s kitchen sex encounter will seem like nothing since there will now be intense sexual sessions, toys and all, and some of them might even be in bedrooms! (Shocking, no?) Oh, goodie. More sex, less city.

“If you don’t want to f*ck me, baby, baby, f*ck off,” sang trans rocker Jayne County when she played the 1970s NYC underground haunt Max’s Kansas City. (Jayne currently resides in Atlanta.) Well, promoter Daniel Nardicio is producing a live tribute to Jayne called Man Enough To Be A Woman at his Red Eye NY club for January, benefitting If you don’t want to buy a ticket, baby … you know what to do.

In 2009, Nardicio did the marketing for a reboot of Playgirl magazine, which started in the ‘70s as a sexy glossy that appealed to women and some gay men, especially when it came to the tastefully nude celebrity centerfolds. Well, I hear the title is being rebooted again — online only, for next March — and the new owner is the European gay porn studio BelAmi! And yet—calm down — they’re aiming for a mixed crowd and diverse content, not an upscale version of Unzipped.

In other festive publishing news, long-running party thrower Susanne Bartsch is compiling Bartschland, a coffee table book — or let’s say an espresso table book — about the New York City nightlife that has spawned her legendary career. The tome, published by Abrams, will feature 25 to 30 people who’ve been a part of that scene — and whoop-de-do, I’m one of them. Much more excitingly, Steven Klein is shooting the cover, and RuPaul is writing the intro. Sissy that book!


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Over in Liza Minnelli land, is Liza finally starting to play along with all the wisecracks about how some of her husbands were friends of Dorothy, as it were? On the Oscar winner’s official Facebook page, a meme was posted with the title “Types of beards,” accompanied by drawings of three different kinds of men’s facial growths and then an image of Liza herself! That was funny enough, but clinching the gag was what Liza posted as her comment on the meme: “Glad to be of service.” But don’t ring them bells of hilarity just yet. I hear Liza was not really behind the posting; she generally stays away from jokes like that, no doubt since everyone else is busy indulging in them —like her social network handlers!

And while we’re on Liza: A loose stage adaptation of the 1977 musical New York, New York, which starred Minnelli and Robert De Niro, is coming to Broadway next March, with the Kander and Ebb score, additional lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and direction/choreography by Susan Stroman. Buzzers are buzzing that Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Jordan might star. And the world goes ‘round.

Spoiler Alert!

Another film-to-Broadway adaptation is the new musical Some Like it Hot, currently in previews. Performer Justin Vivian Bond saw an invited dress rehearsal and loved it, noting that one character goes through a transformation in real-time. Now that’s hot!

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And finally, on a whole other titillating topic … which gross celebrity was dropped by a certain brand, and it must have been extra interesting because I hear he was dating the male creative director?

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