Just when you thought Matt Gaetz had hit rock bottom, he does this

Rep. Matt Gaetz was swiftly condemned online after he suggested women protesting against Roe v Wade’s potential SCOTUS revocation were “over-educated, under-loved millennials” with “no bumble matches.”

Many Twitter users pointed out the misogyny in Gaetz’s tweet, while others mocked him for turning away younger voters.

“Just when you thought he couldn’t be more of a pathetic despicable loser… he says this,” one person wrote. “He is a menace to a functioning democratic society. And what a fool. He just got every millennial to vote against Republicans. Buh bye.. loser.”

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“The very concept that a woman can be ‘over-educated’ tells me all I need to know about this,” wrote another. “And the idea that the only women who want rights must be unattractive and frigid is the oldest misogynistic trope in the book. This is a sitting member of Congress.”

Others referenced the ongoing Justice Department investigation involving Gaetz, who denies claims he paid for sex with a 17-year-old.

“Wow. That’s not at all sexist or misogynistic. Hard to believe you’d have to pay for sex,” wrote another Twitter user.

Here’s what other folks are saying: