Law's Amendments Will Require Registration, User Log

Justice Dept. Hunting ManHunt?

The US Department of Justice may be getting too overzealous in their fight against child pornography. New amendments to the Federal Labeling and Record keeping Law, aka Section 2257, will require adult social networking sites such as Manhunt and to keep a log of users who post “sexually explicit” snapshots.

Passed in 1988, Section 2257 works to combat child pornographers, but a series of amendments have expanded the law’s net, especially on the net. Though regulations are meant to hinder porn peddlers, they can also be expanded to social sties. Private citizens who submit naughty pictures must register and provide a photo id. These logs can then be reviewed by the Attorney General and the FBI, says The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Those of you interested in fighting this invasion of privacy better hurry up – the public has until September 10th to file a complaint. The Task Force provides all the relevant information.