Justin Bieber And k.d lang Should Go On A Hot Lesbian Date At Bieber’s Favorite Gay Bar

This week on the Australian talk show ROVE LA kd lang pulled a question out of a hat asking whether she finds Justin Bieber ‘hot or not.” Lang replied, “Justin Bieber looks just like a lesbian… so I’m gonna say, hot as shit!” Rumors has it that Bieber has taken to hanging out in an Irish gay bar to avoid his alleged baby-momma. So lang has only to swoop in and pluck young Bieber from the jaws of heterosexual paternity to make him hers.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Just Beiber does look like a lesbian. He wears the little Ellen DeGeneres sweaters and is as tiny as a vegan. When I see him, I always wonder if he and girlfriend Selena Gomez spend Saturday nights giving each other facials and painting each other’s toenails.

  • Phil

    Okay, so he looks a little waifish. Big whoop. Frankly, it’s a little hypocritical of “teh gays” in particular to make fun of Justin Bieber for this when we also preach love for our transgender allies who are largely marginalized because of how they feel and look.

    Down with heteronormativity and all that, right guys?

  • fuzzy

    Isn’t he all “gay is a lifestyle choice…?” Ironic, where he’s he’s seeking refuge.

  • Mr. Skadoo

    Bieber is a 17 year old boy. What the hell should he look like?

    As for Lang, at least she doesn’t wear a mullet or plaid. I remember the first party I attended where there was a group of lesbians. Most had mullets and wore jeans with plaid shirts. It was weird. Really weird for my young eyes. Then, I visited San Francisco and weirded out when I saw a bunch of gay guys wearing construction boots, jean shorts, and tank tops.

    Conclusion: >some< people feel that to be part of a group, they have to dress exactly like each other and give up their individuality.

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